You Deserve Better

Consumers can’t tell you exactly what they want in new products, but through their behaviors and attitudes they do reveal their most pressing needs, whether currently met or unmet. Numerator enables you to ideate and innovate with category-involved consumers to build better solutions. Get started quickly with a custom analysis or subscribe for ongoing access to deeper insights.

Opportunity Sizing

The challenge isn’t finding enough ideas, the challenge is finding the right ideas. Combine category purchase patterns with shopper sentiment studies to accurately size and prioritize opportunities.

Idea Screening Surveys

Sort earlier, and sort better. Survey shoppers for their thoughts and opinions on new branding, product and packaging ideas before investing in full-scale concept development activities.

Concept Testing Surveys

Test fully articulated concepts with the consumers most likely to drive in-market success. Identify known buyers of your (or competitors’) brands and products to more accurately assess brand switching behavior vs. true category growth.

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