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Benefit from over 30 years of promotion tracking experience to optimize your trade promotion strategies and understand your promotional buyer.

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Numerator’s promo products empower brands & retailers to optimize trade promotion strategies with continuous investment to best-in-class data and solutions. As the only promotion data provider that tracks trade promotions across print and digital and connects promotion activities to purchase behavior to measure promotional impact, Numerator can help you maximize your trade promotions strategy and ROI.







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Unlock a complete view of the evolving promotional landscape

Access comprehensive tracking of promotional activity across print, digital, TPR and emerging channels like delivery services.

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Promo Packs
Receive comprehensive promotions analysis — straight to your inbox

Lean on trusted industry experts to receive streamlined promotional analyses with minimal lift.

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Promo Insights
Connect promotion activities to purchase behavior

Understand who is purchasing on promotion, where they’re shopping, and how it compares to their previous shopping behavior.

Bimbo Bakeries
Bimbo Bakeries USA partnered with Numerator to shift away from their traditional promo offerings and identify a new promo strategy that increased profits and optimized supply amid compounding industry pressures.

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Understand promotional impact beyond POS data.

Connect promotional activities and purchase behavior to inform a long-term strategy that drives incrementality with Promo Insights.

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