Know more about occasion-based uses and what influences them.

Gain an omnichannel view of what consumers are drinking, both on and off line, including liquor, kombucha, soda, and energy drinks.


Track growth across households, spend and trips.

Legacy data sources miss key demographic groups and retail channels. The Numerator OmniPanel allows you to rapidly identify consumer segments and determine how these groups behave across channels, including at liquor and convenience stores, Club and specialty retailers, and via online delivery services. Numerator’s omnichannel promotions intel provides context behind holiday purchase behavior, helping you drive growth during key consumption occasions.


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Omnichannel Panelists

Each panelist is tracked across all channels, giving you a full view of your shopper’s share of wallet for the beverage category.

Ecommerce Coverage

Leading source of growth — online sources for alcohol pick up and delivery spend 3x more than the average alcohol buyer.

Unmatched Speed

On-demand access to purchase data updated daily — we can report within days, using % of HHs reporting.

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More Data Updates

Monitor changing consumer behaviors and sentiments on demand.

More Channels & More Products

Capture purchases of all product categories across all channels.

More Segmentation Flexibility

Configure custom shopper groups.

80 of the top 100 CPG brand manufacturers trust Numerator.​

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Numerator OmniPanel

To keep pace with fast-changing consumer behavior, Numerator’s OmniPanel goes beyond traditional measurement to deepen your consumer understanding.

Top solutions for BevAlc & Beverage

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Shopper Insights

Analyze shoppers based on their demographics, psychographics, media consumption habits and purchase behavior.

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Leverage comprehensive verified shopping behaviors to reach your consumer, no matter how scaled or targeted.


Measure your market share across all channels and with consumer context — at the speed of the consumer.


Rise Brewing Company

Learn how RISE Brewing partnered with Numerator Insights to show the value of their brand, their loyal consumers, and why they deserved to be on the shelf.



Learn how Diageo leveraged Numerator Surveys to combine full-service quantitative surveys, qualitative video responses and behavioral panel data to connect with verified buyers and get early product feedback for their challenger brand, Lone River Ranch Water.



Learn how MillerCoors partnered with Numerator to receive a customized solution that aligned sales data with promotional activities captured via Numerator Promotions Intel.

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SNAP Insights Center

Learn more about SNAP recipients — who they are, how their shopping habits differ from Non-SNAP households, and how benefit reductions impact their spending.

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Modern Measures

Deep dive into Consecutive Repeat Rate and Customer Lifetime Value, two unique and powerful measurements that provide valuable insight into loyalty and its influence on brand performance.

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Learn about the motivations of consumers who are trading up to premium products even as prices remain elevated, and how to recognize the behaviors that indicate premiumization is happening within your own category.

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