Understand the people behind the purchases.

Access rich profiles with 2,500+ demographic, psychographic and media consumption attributes collected alongside purchase behavior — all from a single source.

People create trends. You need to understand people. We can help.

Gain a rich understanding of consumers and how best to reach them with purchase behavior, demographic, psychographic, media consumption and attitudinal attributes all in one place.

Access Rich Consumer Profiles

 Understand the demographics, psychographics, sentiments and more of shoppers so you can create an informed strategy to reach them.

Identify Growth Opportunities Based on Behavioral Data

 Get leading indicators by understanding which shopper are lapsing, which are loyal buyers,  overall customer lifetime value and more, thanks to Numerator’s rich historical data.

Focus on Who Matters Most

 Create custom people groups on-the-fly and apply these to reports for the analysis you need in minutes.

ICON_Consumer Sentiment
Get Fast Answers Directly from Shoppers

 Let consumers tell you what they think with in-platform survey capabilities for fast feedback.

Bring Your Segmentations to Life

 Type your customer segmentations against our panel to track behavior of those groups over time.


representative, longitudinal panelists


demographic & psychographic

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Nestle Coffee Partners
Learn how Nestle Coffee Partners dove deep into category shoppers’ behaviors and sentiments through the integration of a full-service research study with behavioral panel data and Numerator’s Inflation Segments to optimize the shopper experience and retain consumer loyalty.

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See how Numerator can help you understand the places consumers are shopping.

It’s no longer enough to just have offline and online coverage – you also need to understand new shopping methods such as Click & Collect, Online Pickup and Third Party delivery sources.

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