Build future growth on a foundation of deep consumer insight.

Future-proof your business with unmatched insight into the changing behaviors of modern home improvement shoppers, and the attitudes, opinions and influences that drive them.


Find more growth in a changing market.

In today’s dynamic market, capturing more growth requires a deep understanding of the diverse needs, motivations and habits of modern consumers. Numerator helps home improvement brands and retailers grow by knowing more about their shoppers, with any-time access to the industry’s fastest and most comprehensive consumer insights data — sourced directly from consumers.

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Understand Home Improvement Shoppers

Track shifting purchase behavior — both in-store and online — and analyze shoppers based on their demographics, psychographics, media consumption habits.

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Find Out What Consumers Thinking

Issue targeted surveys to verified buyers so you can understand how their attitudes, opinions and experiences affect their purchase behaviors.

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Target Key Shopper Segments

Track the omnichannel promotions that can influence consumer decisions along the path to purchase.

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More Panelists

1M+ Panelists uploading receipts to the Numerator OmniPanel – America’s largest, most representative consumer panel.

More Trips

1 Billion+ Shopping trips captured.

More Retailers

44K+ Retailers tracked across more channels — from home improvement stores to big box to eCommerce.

A modern panel for more insight into modern consumers.

As the largest, most diverse consumer purchase panel in America, the Numerator OmniPanel provides unmatched insight into modern consumers. We have more panelists, capture more trips, and track more retailers across more channels than legacy panels — bringing you infinite insights for more growth.


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Shopping trips captured

Top insights for home improvement brands.

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Advanced Shopper Panels

Learn about key People Groups, where they shop, and why they buy, then go a step further to understand their attitudes, interests and opinions outside of purchase behavior.

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Cross-Purchase Report

Identify attachment rates between brand or category buyers, and determine which other products or categories were most likely to be purchased by the same households purchasing your brand.

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Retailer Leakage Report

Develop a winning strategy with your retailer partners by understanding leakage at the category and brand level, which shoppers are driving it, and where leaked dollars are going.

Panel Data Feeds

Streamline your data ecosystem and conduct more in-depth analysis for your business with Numerator’s representative, comprehensive, and scalable first-party consumer data.

Stay in the know with the latest research from Numerator.

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PROsumers vs DIY Shoppers

Find out how PROsumer shoppers differ from DIY shoppers, and how to target each group more effectively.

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Home Improvement Tracker

Get insight into omnichannel consumer buying behavior and promotional activity in select home improvement categories.

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Build a Compelling Line Review: How to Expand or Defend Shelf Space

Numerator will review how brands can leverage panel data to create a compelling story that will help them gain shelf space and increase sales to achieve long-term brand growth.

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Our industry-leading panel is bigger and better than ever — going beyond omnichannel to give brands and retailers the insights they need to grow in ever-changing markets.