Gain insight into which products are being bought.

Whether it’s understanding trends for your category, your brand or your competitive set, Numerator helps you understand how these dynamics change over time and across all channels.

Put product performance in context

Numerator’s omnichannel coverage provides a holistic view of sourcing that includes non-traditional channels and retailers, as well as private labels. Our full store views allow you to uncover opportunities you may otherwise miss with a competitive brand outside your “aisle.” And our rich longitudinal history reveals consumer loyalty and behavioral shifts.

Know what’s driving growth and decline
Is your brand sourcing volume from other brands (and who those brands are), bringing new buyers to the category, or increasing spend amongst existing buyers?
Look ahead with leading performance indicators

Leverage Consecutive Repeat Rates as a leading indicator for your brand’s future performance to defend against brand switching and uncover which shoppers are loyal to your brand.

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Uncover opportunities to win (and win over) first time buyers

Know which products draw in new customers and create a strategy that maximizes first-time buyer conversion to create loyal, repeat purchasers.

Gauge new item launch success faster
Gain trial and repeat insights for new items in weeks instead of months, compare competitive new item launches and understand which brands you’re sourcing from.
Gain a pan-portfolio understanding
Understand how consumers evolve across your product portfolio to retain existing consumers, bring new consumers into your portfolio and surface cross product opportunities.


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