COVID-19 Impact Tracking

Get the most complete view of COVID-19's impact on consumer behavior with Numerator's ongoing insights. 

Keep pace in a changing world.

We give brands the fastest insight into what consumers buy and why.

The want was always there. COVID-19 made it a need.
Brands and retailers need real-time insights into consumer buying and the ads, promotions and pricing that drive it.

Consumers are changing the way they buy. We’re changing the way you think.

Consumer Insights that Drive Growth

Consumer Insights that Drive Growth
Omnichannel coverage provides shopper and consumer insights on demand.

Scalable Marketing and Ad Intelligence

Scalable Marketing and Ad Intelligence
Fast and granular intel into advertising, promotions, pricing and the digital shelf.

Integrated Path & Purchase View

Integrated Path & Purchase View
The connection between purchase data and the influencers that drive behavior.

Over 1,300 manufacturers, retailers, and agencies are growing with Numerator

The Numerator OmniPanel provides a single source of consumer insights to help you market to consumers — not demographics.

A modern panel for insight into the modern consumer.

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