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2021 Live Prime Day Tracker (Ended)

Last Updated 9:00 AM ET 6/23

The early read numbers shared below in the live tracker will not be updated again. Please download the full Prime Day Recap Report for the latest, most accurate numbers.

Numerator's Amazon Prime Day Tracker compiled a live look across Numerator data sources to bring immediate insights into what occured on Prime Day. All insights shared below were an “early read” of what we saw on Prime Day, and are not final. Live data from our OmniPanel is unweighted and is not guaranteed to be representative of the U.S. population. The final update to the tracker was based on: 


Prime Day Orders


Unique households


Verified Buyer Surveys

Prime Day Order Insights

The average Prime Day order this year was $44.75. Over half (55%) of households shopping Prime Day placed 2+ separate orders, bringing the average household spend to roughly $106.41

Prime Day Item Insights

The top items sold this Prime Day were Amazon Photos Projects, Amazon Gift Card Reloads, and Fire TV Sticks. Most Prime Day items (76%) sold for under $30, while 5% sold for over $100. The top categories consumers said they purchased were Health & Beauty (28%), Consumer Electronics (28%), Household Essentials (27%), and Apparel & Shoes (27%). Half of shoppers said they purchased items included in Prime Day deals.

Prime Day Shopper Insights

96% of Prime Day shoppers were Amazon Prime members; the majority had been members for over a year, but 2% joined during Prime Day and 8% since the onset of the pandemic. The typical observed Prime Day shopper was a high income, suburban female age 35 to 44

Prime Day Competitive Insights

Among consumers who bought Smart Home Devices, 66% said their purchase was Amazon-branded, 36% of Household Essentials buyers and 33% of Apparel & Shoes buyers said the same. 53% of Prime Day shoppers only considered Amazon for their purchases, while 47% considered other retailers and 19% compared prices before making their purchase. The majority of Prime Day shoppers (64%) only shopped at Amazon this Prime Day, but 1 in 5 made a purchase at another retailer

General Prime Day Insights

Most shoppers knew about Prime Day before going on Amazon, and for many, it was the primary reason they shopped on Amazon. 76% had shopped Prime Day in previous years, 63% last year. For those who shopped Prime Day 2020, 32% said they spent more this year, and 33% less. These shoppers also said they preferred the June Prime Day timing this year over last year's October date. 96% of Prime Day shoppers said they would be somewhat or extremely likely to shop a second Prime Day later this year, if Amazon held one. 


The Live Prime Day Tracker Has Ended

Last Updated 9:00 AM ET 6/23 — No Further Updates

The early read numbers shared above in the live tracker will not be updated again. Please download the full Prime Day Recap Report for the latest, most accurate numbers.

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