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Download the Full Prime Day 2020 Report

Has pulled together a full Prime Day report summarizing all data shared in the live tracker, as well as additional data points and views. The Prime Day 2020 analysis summary includes insights from the Numerator OmniPanel, Pricing Intelligence, Advertising Intelligence and more. 

It also includes additional survey insights from verified Prime Day shoppers, including their plans for the holiday shopping. Questions covered include:

  • How much holiday gift shopping was completed with Prime Day purchases
  • What shoppers thought of the deals offered on Prime Day, and how they compare to Black Friday and Cyber Monday
  • How holiday shopping may differ this year based on the items purchased on Prime Day



Amazon Prime Day 2020 Recap

Amazon Prime Day 2020 Recap

In addition to its shift in timing, Prime Day 2020 saw a shift in ad strategy, a slight shake-up to the top items list, and moderate changes in consumer behavior— including a move towards holiday gift purchasing.

What's Covered?

Numerator’s Amazon Prime Day Tracker compiles a live look across Numerator data sources to bring immediate insights into Prime Day activity, including:

  • Order insights like Prime Day order sizes, orders per household, and household spend
  • Item level insights including Amazon Prime Day top items and average price per item
  • Shopper insights on Prime Day shoppers like gender, age, income, and urbanicity
  • Pricing insights like price changes per item at competing retailers and Amazon price changes by category
  • Survey insights from verified Prime Day buyers

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