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Get insight on Gen Z, Millennials, Gen X and Boomers shopping trends
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Private Label Trends

Numerator's Private Label dashboard provides an ongoing look at private label performance across product sectors, channels and retailers.

Home Improvement Tracker

Our Home Improvement Tracker provides a quarterly look into omnichannel buying behavior in select home improvement categories.

Consumer Electronics Tracker

Numerator's Consumer Electronics Tracker provides quarterly insight into omnichannel buying behavior in select electronics categories.

Consumer Sentiment

The Numerator Consumer Sentiment Tracker provides a monthly view of consumer confidence, spending & saving considerations, and future financial outlook.

Promo Shift Dashboard

Track the latest promotional trends and see how overall promotional volume is shifting In Numerator's Promo Shift Dashboard.

Regional Retail Dashboard

The Numerator Regional Retail Insights dashboard explores omnichannel purchase and promotional trends across the four US census regions.

Generations Hub

Explore the distinctive shopping habits of Gen Z, Millennials, Gen X and Boomers. See how generational consumer trends shape today's markets.

Gen Z Consumer Insights & Shopping Behavior

Dive into the digital-first world of Gen Z consumers—understand their values, spending, shopping habits, and how to resonate with the newest market movers.

Millennial Consumer Insights & Shopping Behavior

Discover what makes Millennials tick when it comes to shopping—our guide offers an in-depth look at their unique buying behavior and consumer preferences.

Gen X Consumer Insights & Shopping Behavior

Dive into Gen X shopping habits and uncover key insights to capture their unique purchasing trends - from favorite products to retailer preferences!

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