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SNAP Insights Center
SNAP Recipients Insights Center: Consumer Behaviors & Trends
Prime Big Deal Days
A Live Look at Amazon Prime Big Deal Days
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State of Snap

Numerator’s SNAP Trip Tracker looks at longitudinal trends in SNAP & WIC usage, and showcases how the frequency, composition and location of these SNAP shopping trips have changed over time.

Consumer Electronics Tracker

Our Consumer Electronics Tracker provides quarterly insight into omnichannel consumer buying behavior and promotional activity in select electronics categories.

Home Improvement Tracker

Our Home Improvement Tracker provides a quarterly look into omnichannel buying behavior and promotions in select home improvement categories.

Shopping Behavior Index

The Numerator Shopping Behavior Index tracks weekly buying behavior across a dozen key retail channels, providing the most complete view of omnichannel shopping.

Consumer Sentiment

From inflation to the ongoing pandemic, consumers are facing multiple disruptions to their everyday lives and routines. Keep a pulse on consumers are feeling about the economy, the pandemic & other market influences with Numerator's Consumer Sentiment Study.

Prime Big Deal Days

Numerator’s Amazon Prime Big Deal Days Tracker compiles a live look across Numerator data sources to bring immediate insights into Prime Big Deal Days activity.

Regional Retail Dashboard

The Numerator Regional Retail Insights dashboard explores omnichannel purchase and promotional trends across the four US census regions.

Holiday Trends – Consumer Survey

We've surveyed thousands of consumers to learn how they expect to celebrate – and shop for – the upcoming 2023 holidays. What is your consumer planning?

Promo Shift Dashboard

Numerator's Promo Shift Dashboard highlights various promotional trends & shifts in the promo landscape based on Numerator Promotions Intel data.

Private Label Trends

Numerator's Private Label dashboard provides a quarterly pulse on private label trends across channels, consumer groups, and product types.

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