Compete more effectively for consumer attention.

Strike the right balance between persuading consumers and spending more effectively.

Earn the hearts and minds of consumers… and your clients.

Most agencies have one goal — to help their clients grow more, through advertising that resonates with consumers on an individual level. Numerator can help your team achieve that goal. Our comprehensive consumer insights solutions will help you identify your target audience and get to know them at a deeper level, so you can plan smarter and win with clients.

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Understand Today's Shoppers

Know more about your client’s buyers — or any shopper group — than even they do. 

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Find Growth Opportunities
Identify valuable, untapped audience segments and learn how to effectively influence them.
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Win Over New Clients
Prepare advanced client pitches with data and insights from a trusted industry source.

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First-party Purchase Data

Our gamified and user-friendly consumer app leads to a larger, more representative and highly engaged panel that provides deeper consumer insights.

Omnichannel Visibility

Data across all channels — from C-stores to QSR to eCommerce — and ~44k retailers, like Sephora, Home Depot, Walmart, Amazon, Aldi, CVS, Kroger, and McDonalds.

Holistic Understanding

Build rich consumer profiles with 500+ psychographic attributes and 150+ media consumption habits, for tighter targeting and more relevant messaging.  

Numerator's OmniPanel by the numbers.

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More trips. More retailers. More insight.

Numerator’s first-party consumer insights data is powered by Numerator’s Total Commerce Panel—America’s largest and most representative consumer purchase panel, capturing more receipts, more trips and more retailers than legacy panels.

Stay in the know.

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Shopping Behavior Index
Track weekly buying behavior across key retail channels and sectors and see channel-specific views and added cuts for consumer demographic segments including urbanicity, ethnicity, generation and income level.
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Consumer Sentiment Study
See ongoing insights to help brands better understand how consumers are faring in today’s increasingly dynamic marketplace.
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Population Preview
Understand the purchasing and attitudinal trends of the current population as Millennials grow into families and Gen X start phasing into empty nesters.

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Our industry-leading panel is bigger and better than ever — going beyond omnichannel to give brands and retailers the insights they need to grow in ever-changing markets.