Deep insights to engage modern consumers.

Modern consumers have changed how they eat. The largest consumer trends – representing the highest growth – aren’t tracked by legacy data.


Unlock growth with a comprehensive understanding of your consumers and the omnichannel marketplace.

Restaurant consumer behavior has changed drastically over the last several years, as consumers trialed delivery services during the pandemic, formed new eating habits while spending more time at home, and are now searching for value amidst ongoing inflation — leaving restaurants unsure of which levers to pull to drive growth. Numerator can help. We know who your guests are, what they buy at competitive restaurants, stores, or via delivery services, and what offers will engage them.

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Drive Market Share Growth

Understand market share for your competitive landscape in unprecedented detail, with views across demographics, geographies, dayparts, and meal occasions — and which consumers are driving that market share.

Both Buy and Why
Narrow in on the behavior of lapsed guests, across competitors, retail channels, and delivery services, to develop strategies to win them back.
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Innovate with Direct Consumer Feedback
Get answers from consumers with a few clicks to inform your menu innovation, advertising and marketing strategies, and more.

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Omnichannel Panelists

Each panelist is tracked across all channels — which is the only way to understand switching.

eCommerce Coverage

We capture each panelists’ app purchases, 3PD orders, and in-store purchases, so you can identify growth opportunities.

Technology-driven Speed

We can report within days, using % of households reporting.

The scale you need for consumer-driven data.

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Leading LSRs depend on Numerator data to unlock growth.

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Measure your true market share.

Welcome to a new era of market analytics. Numerator TruView allows you to measure your market share across all channels and with consumer context — at the speed of the consumer.

Our latest Restaurant insights.

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Stomach Share

Get a clear understanding of consumer preferences— from food choices and cooking habits to dining decisions— to maximize growth opportunities. 

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Budding Behaviors: Insights Into the Modern Cannabis Consumer

Identify & understand users and to explore the broader impact of cannabis use on consumer behavior. 

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Delivery Deep Dive

Get an unprecedented view of third-party delivery services, their impact on restaurant performance, and the effects on consumer behavior.

Grow more with modern insights.

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