Which retailers win with SNAP shoppers?

Numerator’s SNAP Shopper Scorecard highlights how retailer selection and spending differs between SNAP and Non-SNAP households. While SNAP shoppers rely on their benefits to secure key grocery items, much of their shopping occurs without the aid of SNAP dollars, making it important for brands and retailers to take a wider look at where these households are shopping, regardless of whether or not they’re using their benefits. 

SNAP Shoppers at a Glance

Although SNAP shoppers are a cash-strapped group, they also are twice as likely to come from larger households, meaning they spend more overall — particularly on groceries — than Non-SNAP shoppers. They also dedicate a larger portion of their budgets to groceries and make smaller, more frequent shopping trips in general.


Annual spend on groceries, +42% vs. non-SNAP shoppers


Annual grocery trips, +68% vs. non-SNAP shoppers


Average spend per grocery trip, -15% vs. non-SNAP shoppers

Top Grocery Retailers for SNAP Shoppers

Whether or not they’re actively using their benefits on a shopping trip, households who consistently use SNAP benefits are much more likely to opt for low-cost retailers. While Walmart is the top destination for grocery shopping among SNAP shoppers — capturing a quarter of the group’s overall grocery spend— low-price retailers like 7-Eleven, Dollar General, Dollar Tree and Winco Foods capture roughly twice as much share among SNAP vs. Non-SNAP shoppers.

Top Non-Grocery Retailers for SNAP Shoppers

Similar to their grocery buying behaviors, SNAP shoppers are generally more likely to seek out low-priced retailers for their non-grocery purchases, with Walmart leading the pack. Dollar Tree, Dollar General and Sam’s Club also win big with this group, while Amazon, Target and Costco underperform.

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