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The newly refreshed Numerator Consumer Electronics Tracker provides quarterly insight into omnichannel consumer buying behavior in select electronics categories. Powered by Numerator’s 150,000 person total commerce panel panel, the tracker provides a high-level view into emerging trends and category metrics for the consumer electronics category alongside verified electronics buyer survey insights.

Latest Update: 5/06/2024


See which consumer electronics retailers capture the most sales.

Best Buy and Amazon dominate the consumer electronics market, accounting for 31% and 27% of overall sales in select consumer electronics categories in the past year, respectively. Amazon sees noteworthy spikes in market share around their summer and fall Prime Day events, resulting in share dips for all major competing retailers. 


How are consumer electronics categories faring?

Most consumer electronics categories saw a slight decline in both household penetration and buy rate in the past year. Computer monitors & peripherals and video games were the only tracked categories with increased household penetration this past year, while computers, tablets and headphones were the only to see increased buy rate.


Which generation is most likely to purchase consumer electronics?

Gen X and Millennial shoppers are the most likely to purchase electronics throughout the year, while Boomers+ are the least. Despite their tech-savvy nature, Gen Z’ers are also less likely to purchase electronics than the average shopper, though this is likely more of a reflection on their life stage. Across generations, November and December are the most popular months for electronics purchases, followed by July.


What do consumer electronics buyers have to say about their purchases?

Over half of consumer electronics buyers said the price of their item was about what they anticipated ahead of purchasing while a fifth found it actually cost less. The most common ways shoppers discovered their electronic items were in-store and on retailer websites, followed by recommendations from family and friends or online customer reviews. 

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