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Gather post-launch feedback early enough to impact your in-market success. Numerator enables you to see new product sales faster, understand the people who are purchasing your new items and quickly assess their intent to repeat. Use these insights to keep your product on the shelf longer and optimize your communication plan immediately post-launch. Get started quickly with a custom analysis or subscribe for ongoing access to deeper insights.

New Item Monitoring

Open a window into new item purchasing behavior. Track new SKU performance as it launches and provide initial shopper feedback to marketing and research to help adjust and optimize launch strategy, maximizing marketplace impact.

New Package Monitoring

Your packaging represents some of your most valuable messaging real estate. Understand the performance of new packaging initiatives after launch and assess its impact on attracting new buyers…or alienating existing customers.

New Item Feedback Surveys

Avoid recall-bias. Trigger surveys as soon as the shopper makes a specific purchase to best understand the in-store experience and gather initial feedback about your product.

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