Gain clarity across your entire portfolio of products.

Act decisively by understanding cross-product opportunities so you can grow your entire brand portfolio.

Optimize how you invest, program and benchmark across all products.

Grow your brand's business by understanding how shoppers engage across your entire portfolio of brands and categories. With omnichannel visibility, advanced scorecarding and new reporting methodologies, you can explore more complex business questions and measure how consumers engage across your products, brands and categories.

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Understand how consumers evolve across your products

Retain existing consumers, win new consumers and surface cross product opportunities with pan-portfolio insights.

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Anticipate emerging trends across all parts of your business

Protect your business and find new opportunities to grow with on-going analysis of emerging trends and threats within your categories and competition.

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Align measurement throughout the organization from a single source

Benchmark and track the health of your entire business with standardized omnichannel measurement across products and categories.


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What would you do if you knew which portfolio brands or categories were the point of entry and understood how consumers progress across your portfolio over time?

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Features that give you more.

More channels. More visibility. More competitive edge.

Point of entry analysis


Create a strategy that maximizes your opportunity to convert first time buyers.

Portfolio engagement analysis


Understand how consumers, new and existing, evolve across your products and brands.

Incremental penetration opportunities


Optimize products and assortment to maximize ROI from existing consumers and drive incremental penetration from new buyers.

Proactive insights


Automate analysis across countless data points to identify emerging trends.

Unified measurement


Standardize and simplify measurement across products and categories in your portfolio with on-demand scorecarding.

Brands that trust Numerator Portfolio Insights.


Brand Insights

Grow your brand with the most comprehensive understanding of your category, competition, and consumers.

Maximize company growth across all products.

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