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Grow more familiar with how people shop your category and how that feedback dovetails into a merchandising strategy built to convert. Numerator enables rapid access to all channels, including the blind spot channels, with the ability to gather in-the-moment feedback from proven buyers. Get started quickly with a custom analysis or subscribe for ongoing access to deeper shopper insights.

Leakage Analysis

Shopper loyalty is often the difference between brand success and failure. Knowing how much of and why a product or store’s purchases are going to other retailers enables your brand to capture more share of wallet. Identify to where you lose shoppers, why they are buying those categories at another retailer and uncover strategies to win your shoppers back.

Shopper Metrics and Profiling

Keep a finger on the pulse of your brand and your competitors. Easily determine how brands are performing or changing. Tied to actual purchase data, understand what is driving your brand’s sales across specific retailers or channels, which have the highest household penetration and who is buying based on customized people groups.

Lapsed Shopper Analysis

Analyze dormant shoppers and identify ways to win them back. Knowing the reason consumers stopped buying your brand is the key to learning the size of the prize and gaining a larger share of shopper trips.

Trip Analysis

From planning to paying, use our shopper insights to understand how people shop. Reveal the categories that are key trip drivers, understand basket composition and how it differs across other retailers and channels.

Household and Brand Affinity Measurement

Create stronger outcomes through the company your brands keep. Diagnose which brands and categories go home together in the same basket; find product location opportunities that create incremental sales for the retailer and see how other shoppers differ based on the products they buy and why.

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