Know more about shoppers in a
dynamic market.

Gain more insight into shifting shopping behaviors alongside shopper attitudes, interests and opinions across all channels – all within a single platform.

Shopper needs, motivations and behaviors are changing by the moment. We can help you keep up.

Numerator answers business questions – fast – with on-demand access to shopper data that is updated daily. Our panel size, trip counts, and omnichannel coverage provide the sample you need to answer cross-category questions that legacy solutions can’t, so you can build strong retailer relationships, influence shopper behavior, and grow your brand with better shopper insights.

deep consumer analysis

Gain deeper shopper understanding

Analyze shoppers based on their demographics, psychographics, media consumption habits and purchase behavior.

fast consumer insights

Get fast answers about shoppers & market shifts

Create custom people groups for on-the-fly shopper analysis based on your business questions and kick-off Instant Surveys directly in the shopper insights platform.

build strong retailer relationships

Build strong retailer relationships

Provide thought leadership, demonstrate your brand value, and uncover opportunities (and threats) across all categories.

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Get more
with Numerator.

Omnichannel coverage

We merge data from panelists' physical store receipts with their online e-receipts to capture purchases across all retail formats providing a single source for omnichannel shopper insights.

Daily shopper data updates

Shopper data is updated daily within Numerator Insights to ensure your strategy can move at the speed of the modern consumer.

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Features that give you more.

More channels. More visibility. More competitive edge.

Deep, holistic shopper research & understanding

shopper segments

Numerator’s unified data collection allows you to analyze purchase behavior alongside demographic data and 500+ psychographic attributes for better shopper insights and then leverage 150+ media consumption habits to better strategize on how to reach them.

Create flexible, on-the-fly shopper analysis

 on-the-fly shopper analysis

Analyze the shoppers that matter most by creating complex and tailored People groups on-the-fly instead of relying on a request to a consultant that could take days or weeks.

Access to total-store data

total store data

Influence a retailer’s strategy by providing thought leadership with cross-category data that exposes risks and uncovers opportunity with a holistic view into the share of total store spend.

Brands that trust Numerator
Shopper +People Insights.

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Shopper + People Insights by the numbers.


Psychographic attributes


Media consumption habit attributes


custom group combinations created in minutes

Keep a finger on the pulse of your brand.

Understand brand health and uncover opportunities & threats in an omnichannel market.

Find out how Numerator can help your brand grow.

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