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On-demand, omnichannel consumer data allows you to answer business questions at any hour of the day.

Uncover omnichannel consumer insights in a changing world

Now, more than ever, omnichannel insights are critical to understand the modern consumer, measure brand loyalty and make smart decisions for your business and your buyers. Numerator’s holistic data collection provides a more complete understanding of consumers – including their thoughts and opinions along the entire purchase journey.

Gain a holistic view of the changing market

Gain a holistic view of the changing market
Omnichannel coverage and better visibility into heavy/medium/light buying so you can better understand your brand, the competition, category dynamics and channel movement.


Identify <br /> whitespace
Quickly pinpoint opportunities, create targeted consumer profiles and dig into granular purchase behavior, demographics and psychographics to inform your strategies.

Understand the full consumer journey

Understand the full consumer journey
Understand what drives consumers’ purchase behavior, key moments of their buying journey, how they make decisions and what they think about your brand.

Brand Insights by the Numbers

Panelists collecting receipts
1 billion
Shopping trips captured
More trips captured than legacy panels

Brand Insights Features

Cross-channel visibility 

Insight into online and offline buying behavior for your brand and your category.

Cross-channel visibility
Complete view of true buying behavior 

Understand all types of buyers – heavy, medium and light – and measure share of category across time, loyalty and usage groups to determine channel shifts.

Complete view of true buying behavior
Source of volume insights 

Know where your growth is coming from and how that relates to the category – down to the retailer and channel.

Source of volume insights
Quick whitespace identification 

Identify groups with opportunity to increase penetration and then quickly understand who those people are and analyze their purchase behavior.

Quick whitespace identification
Integrated and syndicated surveys 

Longitudinal insights collected from a syndicated survey are integrated into reports to better understand the consumer journey.

Integrated and syndicated surveys

Brands, retailers, and agencies that trust Numerator Brand Insights

Your Modern Consumer Panel

The modern consumer has evolved and if you don’t evolve with them — you’ll lose them. Numerator’s modern consumer panel can help.

digital shelf optimization

Get deeper brand insights with targeted surveys

Build stronger brands with Numerator Surveys by asking verified purchases what they think about your brand and your competitors. We provide faster results with more robust consumer insights than traditional survey providers.

Case Study: Identify and Respond to Competition

With Numerator, The Scotts Miracle-Gro Company team uncovered insights about the buyers of this product, gathered direct feedback from those consumers and re-positioned one of their products to better resonate with that audience.

consumer insights case study

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