Dec 10, 2018

A Quick Amazon Holiday Shopping Tip

Amazon Holiday 2018 Shopping
Today we're revealing a helpful Amazon holiday shopping tip along with few shopper insights from the season.

We’re well into the holiday shopping season and once again it’s no mystery that consumers are heading online to complete their purchases. According to data from the InfoScout Omnipanel Holiday Shopping Survey, 42% of shoppers plan to buy most or all of their gifts online this year. And with today being “Green Monday,” e-retailers like Amazon are getting ready for that final push to capture those last-minute dollars.   

Numerator’s provided a lot of analysis on holiday shopping over the years, but you know what we haven’t done? Provide actual shopping tips. Now, unfortunately I don’t have any hot deals to share, but I did just learn a helpful trick for gift buying on Amazon this holiday, especially when you share a Prime account with your loved ones...

Amazon allows you to delete your shopping and browsing history!

Is this obvious? Look, I’m an aging millennial who spent most of his years on this earth shopping for gifts in store. And while this isn’t my first holiday season with Amazon, it will likely be my first one where I won't unknowingly reveal some gifts early. Nope, not this year. Big thanks to Business Insider for publishing this info and also, big ups to my family for feigning surprise last Christmas!

If you’re like me, you’re still a bit behind on how this all works. Here’s the deal – your Amazon browsing history shows the full list of products you've viewed and bought, which means that anyone who shares an account with you can see what you're shopping for. And I also wouldn’t rule out the possibility that they’re getting re-targeted ads for gifts you’ve already bought them.


Fortunately, if you select the carrot next to "Manage history," in your Amazon account, you're given the option to cover your tracks. You can choose to wipe out your entire history on Amazon by selecting "Remove all items," or you can select individual items to delete with the "Remove" button below each product. 

Numerator survey data shows us that 75% of shoppers finish their Christmas shopping in early December or later, so you may still have time to make sure you're not spoiling any surprise gifts this season. Oh, and can also snoop and see what people are buying you! So go log on and check out that history section!