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Unlock more growth with a deeper understanding of electronics consumer purchasing behavior and the advertising, promotions and pricing that influence that behavior.

To win modern electronics consumers, you need to understand them.

Like modern technology, your modern consumer is constantly evolving. Numerator helps leading consumer electronics brands develop a deeper understanding of consumers by bringing together the advertising, promotions and pricing data that influence why consumers buy and connecting it with comprehensive data on their purchasing behavior.

deep consumer analysis

Track consumer behaviors

Gain insight into what consumers buy, where they shop, how much they spend, and more, with America’s largest, most representative consumer panel.

understand consumers

Understand consumer opinions

Receive direct consumer feedback through targeted surveys issued in-the-moment throughout the consumer journey.

omnichannel consumer data

Measure consumer influencers

Track the omnichannel pricing, promotions and advertising that can influence consumer decisions along the path to purchase.

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Get more from the modern consumer panel.

More panelists

1M+ Panelists uploading receipts to the Numerator OmniPanel - America’s largest, most representative consumer panel

More trips

1 Billion+ Shopping trips captured and 13x more trips captured than legacy panels

More retailers

44K+ Retailers tracked across more channels – from electronics stores to big box to ecommerce.

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Leading brands trust Numerator.

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Solutions that give you more insights.

Measure the influences on consumer purchase decisions with Numerator’s suite of path solutions

MAP Intel

minimum advertised price tracking

Protect your brand equity. Efficiently monitor reseller channels for pricing policy compliance with automated price monitoring and manage enforcement efforts through an interactive dashboard.

Promotions Intel

Promotions Intel

Increase the effectiveness of your trade promotions. Gain a complete view of retailers’ print and digital promotional tactics, assortment and versioning, allowing you to effectively plan trade promotions that attract the attention of consumers and retail trade partners alike.

Ad Intel

Ad Intel

Keep pace with the advertising landscape. Make better advertising decisions by efficiently monitoring and analyzing competitive advertising spend, creative execution, and media usage across traditional and digital channels.

Start understanding and engaging your omnichannel shopper.

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