| Jun 18, 2018

Lidl, Amazon and the Future of Food Retailing


Since the beginning of June last year, there’s been a seismic shift in the food retailing landscape.

First, German discount grocer Lidl has brought its transformative private label strategy to the U.S., opening its first stores (with plans to roll out a total of 600 in pretty short order) and threatening to redefine what “value” means to shoppers. Then Amazon came over the top of that change with its purchase of Whole Foods, opening up a host of possibilities for combining the power of Amazon’s data and delivery know-how and Whole Foods’ brand equity and physical locations to provide unmatched negotiating power with vendors and localized access to 80% of the U.S. population.

During this webinar, through the lens of the Lidl and Amazon/Whole Foods shake-up, you will get an understanding of the shifting grocery retail landscape, and what it means for retailers seeking to stay relevant in the space.

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Mark Detelich
Chief Strategy & Solutions Officer
Scott Whalley
SVP Promotion Solutions