| Sep 18, 2019

Mythbusters: Stock-up Trip

“You have to win the stock-up trip to drive growth.”

For a long time, brands and retailers have considered the stock-up trip the most important stop in a shopper’s trip circuit. In this installment of our monthly investigative series, Numerator Mythbusters, we analyzed the behavior of 100,000 consumers and discovered that in today’s changing omnichannel marketplace, frequent, smaller trips can be just as valuable. Download this month’s Mythbusters report to learn:

  • How much, on average, people spend per trip type

  • Which trip types, from urgent need (1-2 items) to pantry stocking (21+ items) capture the highest spend per trip - and are the most important to win 

  • How spend per trip varies across traditional and non-traditional channels (including the dollar channel and c-store!)

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