| Jul 16, 2019

Engaging the LGBTQ+ Community (Part 2)

The LGBTQ+ community is an increasingly influential group, with more than $1.7 trillion buying power in the U.S. economy. Retailers and brands that aren’t developing targeted strategies for engaging these shoppers risk being left behind, so we’re here to keep you up to date on this group’s shopping behaviors and preferences.

In Part 1 of our analysis of LGBTQ+ consumers, we discussed their affinity for organics and general dining habits, technology and media consumption preferences, shopping attitudes and behaviors compared to the general population, and retailers that are winning LGBTQ+ purchases. Let’s continue our discussion of the LGBTQ+ community by exploring preferred product categories and brands in grocery, electronics, and QSR.

Grocery: Niche Categories, Smaller Brands

Numerator data shows LGBTQ+ consumers are more likely to buy emerging categories that were once considered niche but are now mainstream. For example, a higher percentage of LGBTQ+ households purchase meat alternatives, kombucha, and coconut water than the general population.

This trend also applies to beverage brands such as Odwalla, Java Monster, Jarritos, and Suja. Meanwhile, legacy brands such as Folgers, Crystal Light and A&W are struggling to win LGBTQ+ shoppers.

The LGBTQ+ community’s shopping behavior indicates that they’re trend-setters and fast adopters of emerging categories and brands. By digging deeper into this behavior, marketers will be in a better position to identify the next trend and tailor their strategies accordingly.

When it comes to spirits, LGBTQ+ households seem to be stocking their bars with gin and vodka, as brands in these categories stand tall in the category. However, whiskey might be hard to find, and you shouldn’t expect to sweeten your coffee with cream liqueur. 

Electronics: Smart Technology Scores Big

The LGBTQ+ community loves smart technology, from smart lighting and smart watches to smart speakers and virtual assistants. In the past year, LGBTQ+ consumers:

  • Spent $120 on smart speakers and virtual assistants like Echo and Google Home (index to total US shoppers: 130).
  • Spent an average of $457 on smart watches like Apple Watch and Galaxy Watch (index to total US shoppers: 125).
  • Were 39% more likely to buy smart energy and lighting, spending an average of $85 per year.

QSR: Papa, Panera, Raising Cane’s, and Running for the Border

Opportunities still exist to stake a claim with the LGBTQ+ community when it comes to QSR. While this community appears to be fans of chains like Papa John’s, Panera, and Taco Bell, they’re less keen on Arby’s, Dairy Queen and KFC. 

This analysis just begins to scratch the surface of what you can learn about LGBTQ+ consumers—when you have the right data. While a number of retailers and brands are actively targeting these shoppers, you still have an opportunity to develop a winning strategy focused on the LGBTQ+ community.

Instead of leaving this trillion-dollar market to chance, use current, accurate data to:

  • Find out how your brand is doing with LGBTQ+ consumers right now.
  • Identify innovative ways to reach and engage this increasingly influential group – before the competition does.
  • Determine if your messaging and approach are effective and build meaningful connections.
  • Predict future trends.

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