Better Targeted Surveys

Deepen your consumer understanding with targeted surveys to known purchasers.

Instead of relying on inefficient (and often inaccurate) screener questions, Numerator uses verified purchase behavior to reach the consumers you care about and jump right to the questions that matter. And because our panelists are highly-engaged you’ll see results much faster than with traditional survey providers.

Surveys by the Numbers


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New item launches

Get new item feedback faster. Trigger surveys as soon as the shopper makes a specific purchase to understand in-store experiences and gather initial feedback about your product.

Lapsed shopper surveys

Win back lapsed shoppers. Arm yourself with the tools needed to win customers back to your brand by understanding their motivators, their omnichannel activity, and purchase behavior.

Shopper journey surveys

Access to the same panelists’ attitudes and opinions tied to their purchase behavior and understand the key moments of truth on the path to purchase.

Powerful segmentation profiles

Classify panelists into existing segmentation schemes, or create new segmentations based on both attitudes and behaviors. Target and track their behaviors over time.

Longitudinal trackers

Access thorough coverage of historically hard to reach channels to identify the value of category shoppers, measure market performance, and competitive activity over time.

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