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Connect to more consumers and learn more about their behaviors.

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Target known buyers...

Find hard to reach groups like new purchasers weeks (if not months) ahead of industry 

based on recent behaviors...

Minimize recall bias by triggering surveys based on recent behaviors

and track over time

Enables deeper understanding of shifts in behaviors (ie: heavy, loyal, leaked and more)

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A single partner that addresses your range of business questions, how you need them answered

Custom Surveys offer full-service research design, tailored to your objectives, guided by a team of experts. Leverage Instant Surveys when you know what you need and need answers fast with self-directed set-up. Numerator’s panel-enhanced Survey ecosystem answers your questions today and allows for on-going integrated analysis.


Who you need

Who you need
Leverage comprehensive verified shopping behaviors to reach your consumer, no matter how scaled or targeted

What you need

What you need
Answer a broad range of business questions with innovative methodologies and tools

How you need it

How you need it
Integrate analysis into an automated insights platform with flexible service levels and products

Surveys by the Numbers

verified buyers
Survey response rate
Clicks to set up & launch an Instant Survey

Targeted Surveys for Deeper Consumer Insights

Concept screening 

Innovate at the speed of the modern consumer. Ask consumers “what if?” Leverage targeted surveys that reduce the time to understand consumers’ attitudes about your future initiatives.

Concept screening
New item launches 

Get new item feedback faster. Trigger surveys as soon as the shopper makes a specific purchase to understand in-store experiences and gather initial feedback about your product.

New item launches
Powerful segmentation profiles 

Classify panelists into existing segmentation schemes, or create new segmentations based on both attitudes and behaviors. Target and track their behaviors over time.

Powerful segmentation profiles
Purchase journey surveys 

Access to the same panelists’ attitudes and opinions tied to their purchase behavior and understand their purchase journey.

Purchase journey surveys
Lapsed shopper surveys 

Win back lapsed shoppers. Arm yourself with the tools needed to win customers back to your brand by understanding their motivators, their omnichannel activity, and purchase behavior.

Lapsed shopper surveys
Longitudinal trackers 

Access thorough coverage of historically hard to reach channels to identify the value of category shoppers, measure market performance, and competitive activity over time.

Longitudinal trackers

Brands, retailers, and agencies that trust Numerator Surveys

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Ask consumers “What If?” with Numerator Test Panel

Unlocking the Numerator Test Panel expands Numerator Surveys so we can better connect brands to consumers when it matters most -- whether it be during innovation, launch or post-launch.

Case Study: Identify and Respond to Competition

With Numerator, The Scotts Miracle-Gro Company team uncovered insights about the buyers of this product, gathered direct feedback from those consumers and re-positioned one of their products to better resonate with that audience.

survey insights case study

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