Consumer panel data at speed, scale and coverage never seen before.

Make decisions with confidence and speed by leveraging a panel that is architected to evolve with the modern consumer and provides a single source for omni insights and understanding.

Access fast and actionable consumer insights in a changing market.

Market dynamics are changing faster than ever before. There are more ways to shop with eCommerce, click-and-collect, and direct-to-consumer options. There are also more options to choose from with an explosion of private labels and direct-to-consumer brands – all while consumers are under unprecedented pressure. Navigate this variable market with Numerator’s OmniPanels that go beyond traditional measurement to gain a clearer view of your consumer.

omnichannel consumer panel data

Omnichannel visibility

All retail channels from Bodegas to Big Box to Ecommerce

complete consumer panel data

Holistic understanding

 Deep insights via purchase-triggered surveys that combine consumer behaviors and attitudes

fast consumer panel data

Fast consumer insights

On-demand access to consumer insights and purchase data updated daily


Numerator OmniPanels.

More data updates

Monitor changing consumer behaviors and
sentiments on demand

More channels and more products

Capture purchases of all product categories
across all channels

More consumer context

Gain richer consumer understanding with 2,500+ demographic, psychographic and media consumption attributes

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White Paper: Clarifying the Roles of Omnichannel Market Share Measurement, POS and Panel Data.

Learn when it is appropriate to use POS data vs. Panel data vs. the newcomer, Omnichannel Market Share Measurement data, especially as they relate to understanding the behavior of today’s consumer.

See more trips, more channels, and more insights.

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