Consumer panel data done with speed, scale and coverage never previously imagined.

The company that invented the omnichannel consumer insights panel has reinvented it. Unlock the power of people today – with omnichannel share measurement, rich omnichannel insights, and 72 hours purchase-to-publish.

Consumer insights that see more in a changing market.

There are more ways to shop than ever before with eCommerce, click-and-collect, and direct-to-consumer options. There are also more products to choose from with an explosion of private labels and direct-to-consumer brands. To keep pace with these changes, Numerator's OmniPanel goes beyond traditional measurement to deepen your consumer understanding.

Omnichannel Visibility

Omnichannel visibility

All retail channels from Bodegas to Big Box to Ecommerce

Holistic Understanding

Holistic understanding

 Deep insights via purchase-triggered surveys that combine consumer behaviors and attitudes

Fast Consumer Insights

Fast consumer insights

On-demand access to consumer insights and purchase data updated daily

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Get more
with Numerator.

More data updates

Monitor changing consumer behaviors and
sentiments on demand

More channels and more products

Capture purchases of all product categories
across all channels

More segmentation flexibility

Configure custom shopper groups

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Your modern consumer insights panel.

A consumer insights panel is only as good as the data it collects — and as the largest, most diverse consumer purchase panel, we provide unmatched insight into consumer influencers, behaviors and opinions. The modern consumer is evolving every day and if you don’t evolve with them — you’ll lose them. Numerator’s OmniPanel can help.


Shopping trips captured


retailers tracked


Psychographic &
media consumption attributes

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Introducing the 1M+ Measurement Panel

Designed at a scale never previously conceived, the Numerator Measurement consumer panel provides purchasing data from over a million contributors enabling new uses cases like omnichannel share measurement, demographic share measurement, opportunity sizing and more.


Panelists uploading receipts


Retail channels included


hours between

consumer insights stats

We know people, not panelists.

Our gamified and user-friendly consumer apps lead to a larger, more representative and highly engaged consumer panel that provides deeper consumer insights.

Legacy Panel
Numerator OmniPanel
Passive panelists
Engaged consumers
Spotty data
Robust coverage
Traditional grocery coverage
Omnichannel and cross-category
Long data lag
Daily data updates
Extra costs for customization
On-demand customization
What, but not why
Opinions and purchase behavior together

More people, more data,
more growth.

faster consumer insights


Your competitors move fast. Your consumer moves faster. With Numerator’s on-demand access, get fresh consumer insights and omnichannel share measurement when you need them. And with access to 360° purchase behavior, you get insights along every step of the shopper's path to purchase.

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Larger and growing.

Already offering a 1M measurement panel and 100k static insights panel, Numerator is expanding our fully transcribed consumer panel. And we’re not dropping the bar either, maintaining the rigorous participation requirements we have always had.

consumer panel

More comprehensive.

With America's largest, most representative consumer purchase panel and 13X more trips, get sample sizes to see even small brands at small retailers. And with omnichannel coverage both online and offline, you can align performance measurement directly to your target shoppers.

consumer panel data

More personal.

Get rich understanding of consumer attitudes and interests with psychographics & demographics. Then understand the why behind the buy with behaviors & opinions insights through verified purchase-triggered surveys.

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50% of consumer shopping trips take place in channels that are missed by legacy solutions. By relying on legacy data, brands and retailers are forced to make important decisions, from advertising and targeting to merchandising and new product launches, based on an incomplete view of consumer spending and behavior.

See more trips, more channels, and more insights.

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