Oct 26, 2018

The Early Bird Gets the... Most Trips to the Store?

thanksgiving grocery shopping
Have you started shopping for Thanksgiving dinner yet? How many trips to the store do you end up making before your doorbell is ringing with hungry guests?

According to our survey (see chart below,) over half of shoppers finish their Thanksgiving grocery shopping within the last few days of the holiday.


We took a deeper look into our InfoScout OmniPanel shopping data and drilled into one person’s shopping schedule for the week leading up to Thanksgiving 2017. Our shopper, Tess, made a total of twelve separate shopping trips during the week – and made it to eight different stores. Some days, such as Monday and Wednesday, she went to three different places.


Retailers need to be aware that shoppers are stocking up on Thanksgiving day dinner items as early as before Halloween – giving stores plenty of opportunity to capture these holiday trips. Sixty percent of shoppers surveyed stated that they plan to get most of their Thanksgiving groceries at their routine grocery store, but plan on grabbing a few items from other stores as well. A few of these key items include turkeys, pies, vegetables, decorations and wine. If retailers could sweeten their deals for these key items, they'd be more likely to win leaked trips from other stores. This is a great chance to not only get the shopper into your store when they don’t normally shop there, but to give them a great experience so maybe your store will become more routine in their future shopping trips.