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Latest Update: 4/27/2023

Name brands showcased resiliency in the first quarter of 2023.

Total CPG private label dollar and unit share are both down in the latest three months ending March 2023 across all three income groups. Health & beauty categories saw the most resiliency compared to other sectors as higher prices and premiumization likely drove more dollar share to branded products compared to unit share.

Low-income consumers showcased large movements to pet private label products with private label gaining 1.47 percentage points of unit share.


Brands will need to bring competitive pricing.

Although branded products managed to fend off private label, consumers are finding price to be more important than name brand across all income levels. And they are also looking to purchase private label to save money–driven by higher income households. However, perception of private label quality continues to be a challenge across all groups which has dropped by 4pp in the latest month compared to March 2021. 

Canned food and pet food is growing in private label share.

Canned vegetables, meats and cheese are trending up in private label share within tracked categories. Paper products and most tracked baby categories excluding baby formula have stayed flat in the recent quarter.

Both cat and dog food & treats are seeing the strong gains in private label dollar share compared track categories in other sectors.

Private label leaders continue to maintain their position.

Retailers that own the largest shares of private label continue to stay elevated in the latest quarter compared to last year. Both Walmart and Costco's dollar share of private label are the only two retailers with double-digit share, and they continue to grow due to strong brick & mortar performance.

Amazon, Aldi and Target have the top 3 fastest growing private label brands in Q1'2023.

Continuing its trend, Amazon Basics has grown household penetration–up 4.6 percentage points vs year ago. Aldi and Target private label also saw an influx of new consumers posting strong penetration gains in the latest three months.


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