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Numerator's Promo Shift Dashboard provides a monthly touchpoint to learn how brands and retailers are driving promotions as consumers face increasing prices and recessionary pressures along with a view into upcoming holidays. Check back each month to see how the promotional landscape is adjusting to address consumer needs.

Latest Update: 1/17/2023

December 2022 Promotions Recap

  • In the two weeks rolling up to Christmas, tracked categories saw a surge of promotional activity with 4.5x times more promotions for electronic toys compared to last year. 
  • Total promotional volume continues to be up by 12% compared to December 2021 driven by digital promotions.
  • The upticks in promotional offers that drive quantity sold have slowed down with 'save' offers driving most of the growth.
  • Private label continues to be elevated compared to the prior year with nearly 1 in 3 promotions featuring a private brand.

Seasonal Highlight: A final Christmas sale stretch.

Brands and retailers will need to track their categories closely to stay competitive as this holiday season is looking to be heavy in promotions.

In December 2022, promotional volume for tracked categories centered on Christmas saw activity ramp up in the two weeks leading up to Christmas. Compared to last year, electronic toys, Christmas decorations, and cookies saw promotional volume grow by 20%.

More promotions are happening this year.

Promotional ad block volume has grown by 12% compared to last year for the month of December driven by digital promotions.

Bonus pages has seen significant growth in the past year with December growing by 37%. Web promotions also saw good momentum growing by 28% compared to last year.


December promotions were centered more on savings.

To help consumers be able to celebrate the holidays after exceptional inflation, retailers provided more promotions focused on absolute savings which is up by 18%.

Although the growth of inventory-pushing promotions has slowed, w/Purchase/Qty promotions are still slightly elevated (up 5%) compared to last year.

Promotion of private brands has been of focus throughout 2022.

Share of voice for private label brands is up by nearly 10pp in the latest month compared to December 2021.

Consumers are looking to save at the cost of brand name.

Brands and retailers will need to competitively promote for the remainder of the year as consumer sentiment around promotional activity stays elevated compared to the start of 2022. Nearly 1 in 4 consumers say they would switch brands to take advantage of a deal, and 32.7% of consumers check store ads.


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