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Latest Update: 8/2/2022

8 in 11 top retailers saw increased private label share in latest week.

  • Costco, Walmart and Target have shown the most consistent increases in private label dollar share in recent weeks.
  • In the week ending July 17, Amazon, Costco, Hy-Vee and Meijer all saw noteworthy spikes in their private label CPG share compared to previous weeks.
  • More premium private label brands like those owned by Publix and Whole Foods continue to see lower share numbers.
8.2.22 PL Share Ret

Private label unit share spiked for select retailers in July.

  • Amazon, CVS and Target all saw large spikes in their private label unit share in the week ending July 17, with Target & Amazon jumps likely driven by Prime Day and Target Deals Days.
  • Despite elevated private label dollar share, Hy-Vee unit share remains below Q4 levels, though up significantly from the weeks prior. 
  • As seen with dollar share, private label share remains below Q4 levels for grocery retailers Kroger, Publix and Whole Foods.
8.2.22 PL Unit Share Ret

Households are showing an increased interest in private label.

  • Most major retailers are seeing more households purchasing private label CPG products in recent months compared to Q4 2021 levels.
  • Amazon, Meijer, Publix, and Costco specifically are seeing the highest levels of engagement.
  • Despite recent increases in dollar share, Hy-Vee continues to face lower private label penetration in recent weeks than any other major retailer analyzed. 
8.2.22 PL HH Pen Ret

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