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Latest Update: 9/19/2022

Private label dollar share shifts continue to fluctuate by category.

  • Select food products such as canned fruits & vegetables, jams & spreads– which have high private label shares to begin with– have seen the most consistent private label shifts in the past three months. Cheese private label share continues to stay elevated.
  • Frozen Dinners & Meals are showing accelerated dollar share gains vs Q4 baseline for private label in the past three weeks.
  • Baby Wipes private label dollar share grew significantly in the past month, but the category has since cooled down.
Dollar Share

Private label unit share continues to outpace dollar share.

  • As seen with dollar share, accessible foods such as canned fruits & vegetables and jams & spreads have seen the most consistent private label unit shifts in the past three months.
  • Private label unit share for frozen sandwiches, grains & pasta, and shampoo & conditioners is growing more quickly than dollar share in these same categories, as consumers seek value and lower prices.
Unit Share

Households purchasing private label items has not increased significantly in most categories.

  • Despite private label dollar and unit share momentum, households buying canned fruit and vegetables along with cheese have remained steady.
  • Disposable diapers, frozen breakfast and jams & spreads have seen elevated households buying private label and continues stay elevated. Yogurt & yogurt drinks have started to see an acceleration in private label penetration.
HH Penetration

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