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The media landscape is constantly evolving, and today advertisers have a dizzying array of media options available to them. To stand out from the crowd, you need to know more-- more about advertisers, more about your audience, and more about consumers. Numerator can help. Our industry-leading consumer insights solutions will help you reach a deeper understanding of your audience and their spending with brands, categories and retailers, so you can win more ad dollars.

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Prove the value of your audience

Profile your audience and prove their value as shoppers to potential clients.

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Understand advertisers’ customers

Know more about your clients’ consumers—or any shopper group—than even they do.

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Win new

Prepare advanced client pitches with data and insights from a trusted industry source.

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Identify opportunities

Target advertisers more effectively with a deeper understanding of their ad spend and creative strategies.


Get more
with Numerator.

Omnichannel visibility

Industry-leading e-commerce purchase capture, plus coverage of specialty retailers that other datasets lack, like Sephora, Home Depot, Walmart, Amazon, Aldi, CVS, Kroger, & McDonalds.

First-party purchase data

Our gamified and user-friendly consumer app leads to a larger, more representative and highly engaged panel that provides deeper consumer insights.

Holistic consumer understanding

Build rich consumer profiles with 350+ psychographic attributes and 150+ media consumption habits, for tighter targeting and more relevant messaging.

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Leading media companies use Numerator data to power their advertising strategies.


Gauge campaign effectiveness.

Numerator offers solutions that help prove the effectiveness of your advertisers' campaign investments, including sales lift studies that analyze exposed vs non-exposed consumers, survey-based studies, and data feeds for use in measurement models.

People & Shopper Insights for Media.

Shopper profile report


Win over new advertisers by learning more about their buyers than they even know. What makes them demographically and behaviorally unique? Where do they shop, what do they buy, and why?

Media consumption report


Identify which channels and media are most effective for reaching your advertisers’ shoppers. We capture over 150 attributes related to media consumption, including: device usage and ownership, online vs. offline behaviors, subscription platforms, social media channels and usage, and more!

Psychographics report


Go beyond demographics to understand what interests and motivates shoppers with our psychographic data. Build holistic audience profiles that include attitudes and preferences towards 500+ themes and topics, like advertising, eating habits, wellness, the environment, shopping, sports fandom, and more.


Numerator’s OmniPanel by the numbers.


Psychographic attributes


Media consumption habit attributes


Custom group combinations created in minutes

Grow more with Numerator.

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