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Looking Ahead: Monthly Consumer Sentiment Survey

As the country slowly transitions to new, post-COVID norms, Numerator is providing monthly consumer survey insights to help brands better understand their buyers. Check back each month to learn more about how consumers are feeling, what they're comfortable doing, and when they expect to return to normal behaviors and activities. Subscribe below to get the latest consumer insights delivered to your inbox each month. 


About the Survey

Numerator's consumer sentiment survey is fielded to 1,000+ consumers on a monthly basis. All consumers are active members of Numerator's 100,000 person OmniPanel. Responses are shown at a total level, and in some cases broken out by COVID-19 vaccine status or intention, based on Numerator’s Premium Vaccine People Groups. 

Waves 1-3 (March - May) of this monthly survey were broken out based on vaccine status & intention information gathered from consumers February 2021. Breakouts included Vaccinated & Not Yet Vaccinated, as well as Vaccine Intentions Yes, No, and Unsure. 

Waves 4+ (June+) are broken out based on updated vaccine status & intention information gathered from consumers May 2021. Breakouts include Vaccinated & Don’t Plan to be Vaccinated. Consumers who are unsure or still awaiting their vaccine are included in the survey sample and total rollup, but are not specifically broken out given their small overall percent of the total population. 
Timing & Sample Size of Waves:

  • Wave 1: March 15, n= 2,083
  • Wave 2: April 18, n= 2,262
  • Wave 3: May 17, n= 2,316
  • Wave 4: June 12, n= 1,069 (*updated sample information)
  • Wave 5: July 15, n= 1,071

Consumer Levels of Concern: Health & Economy

  • Concern over COVID-19 rising again as Delta variant spreads. Over one-third (36%) of consumers say they are highly concerned about COVID, up 2% from last month. 
  • Those not planning to get the vaccine see the greatest increase in concern. The number of consumers in this group who rated themselves as "unconcerned" decreased 10% between June & July, while those rating "10/10 - Very Concerned" grew 6%. 
  • Over half of consumers are highly concerned about the current state of the economy, up slightly from last month. Economic concern is higher than COVID concern, and level of concern increased most among those not planning to get the COVID-19 vaccine.

Consumer Comfort Levels

  • Comfort levels for many activities decreased this month, after last month's significant increases following the CDC’s announcement that vaccinated individuals no longer need to wear masks and many states moving forward with reopening plans. 
  • The most significant increases were seen among vaccinated individuals, although those not planning to get the vaccine also saw decreased comfort for a variety of activities.
  • Those not planning to get the vaccine saw notable increases in comfort wearing masks. This group also grew increasingly comfortable taking public transportation, though comfort traveling and gathering with others decreased. 

Returning to Normal

  • Optimism about a return to normal is highest among vaccinated consumers— these individuals were 1.3x as likely to rate their optimism 8/10 or higher compared to those who aren't planning to get the vaccine. 
  • Consumers are shifting back their expectations on a return to normal. 27% say they think a return to normal will happen more slowly than previously anticipated; 55% think they’ll be back to normal by the end of Summer 2021, down from 61% last month.

Reopening Sentiments

  • Half of consumers think their states are reopening at the right pace. This is highest among those who are vaccinated, while those not getting the vaccine are more likely to think reopening is overdue. 
  • 1 in 5 consumers are more concerned about COVID-19 now that some states are reopening, while the majority (77%)  say their level of concern has decreased or stayed the same.
COVID-19 impact on consumer behavior

For past insights into consumer behavior and sentiment as it relates to the COVID-19 pandemic, check out our survey insights from March 2020 through January 2021.

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