Know More About the Vaccine's Influence on Consumers

Looking Ahead: Monthly Consumer Sentiment Survey

As vaccine efforts increase, Numerator is launching a monthly consumer sentiment study to help brands better understand when (and how) consumers plan to resume their normal lives. 

Each month, Numerator is surveying consumers to learn more about how they're feeling, what they're comfortable doing, and when they expect to return to normal behaviors and activities. 

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Vaccine Status Breakouts

As vaccine efforts gain momentum and more consumers receive their first and second dose,  we will also be analyzing respondents by vaccination status and intention to see how their sentiments and behaviors vary. This month, we’ve analyzed the following five vaccine groups:


Consumer Levels of Concern: Health & Economy

  • Half of consumers are highly concerned about COVID-19— this is higher (3 in 5) among those who are planning to get the vaccine and lower (1 in 5) among those who don't plan to be vaccinated at all
  • 3 in 5 consumers are highly concerned about the current state of the economy— more than are concerned about COVID. This level of concern remained relatively steady across all groups analyzed.
  • Those not planning to get the vaccine are 3x more likely to be "unconcerned" with COVID-19 than the general population, and 14x more likely than those getting the vaccine. 

Consumer Comfort Levels

  • The average consumer is still very uncomfortable with most public / in-person activities. Excluding those who never participate in these activities, Roughly half say they would be "extremely uncomfortable" shopping inside a store without a mask, going to a bar or club, attending a concert or show, and commuting via public transportation. 
  • Those who plan to get the vaccine have higher levels of concern across the board than those who don't. Comparing between those who are already vaccinated vs. those who are still waiting, vaccinated individuals are a bit more comfortable with most activities, though still remain cautious.
  • Those not planning to get the vaccine are mostly comfortable with the majority of activities listed below. They are slightly more comfortable shopping in-store without a mask than they are with one, and are comfortable eating both indoors and outdoors at restaurants. About one third of them would be extremely comfortable going to a bar or club, or attending a concert or show. 

Returning to Normal

  • Optimism about a return to normal is highest among those who intend to or already have received the COVID-19 vaccine— these groups were almost twice as likely to rate their optimism 8/10 or higher compared to those who aren't planning to get the vaccine. 
  • Nearly half of consumers say they won't feel comfortable resuming regular activities until health experts advise it is safe. Over a third say they'll need to have received the vaccine in order to feel comfortable— and this number increases significantly (58%) among those still awaiting a vaccine.
  • Nearly a third of consumers are skeptical of resuming pre-COVID activities, and say they will likely be one of the last to resume, while about a fifth say they will resume when most others they know do.
  • More than half of consumers expect life to be back to normal by the end of Summer 2021, including the 15% who say they’re already living normally. Among those not planning to get the vaccine, the number who say they’re already living normally more than doubles to 39%.

Reopening Sentiments

  • Nearly half of consumers think their states are reopening at the right pace. This is highest among those who will or might get the vaccine, while those not getting the vaccine are more likely to think reopening is overdue. 
  • Over a third of consumers are more concerned about COVID-19 now that some states (not necessarily their own) are reopening. About half say their level of concern hasn’t changed.
COVID-19 impact on consumer behavior

For past insights into consumer behavior and sentiment as it relates to the COVID-19 pandemic, check out our survey insights from March 2020 through January 2021.

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