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Strike the right balance between persuading consumers and spending more effectively with Numerator’s industry-leading advertising and media solutions.

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Invest ad spend effectively

Make informed decisions with competitive creative and ad spend reporting

Reach the right audience

Increase ad effectiveness with purchase and attitudinal-based audience targets

Measure advertising impact

Send targeted surveys to shoppers based on their exposure to advertisements

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Earn the hearts and minds of modern consumers

Most agencies have one goal - to help grow their clients’ brands in an increasingly complex advertising landscape through creative messaging that resonates with consumers on an individual level. Numerator can help your team achieve that goal. Our comprehensive advertising and media solutions will provide you with the most complete view of the competitive advertising landscape, and help you reach a deeper understanding of your target audience.

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ad intel

Ad Intel

Make better advertising decisions by efficiently monitoring and analyzing competitive advertising spend, creative execution, and media usage across traditional and digital media.

purchase based audience targeting

Purchase-Based Audience Targeting

Improve spend efficiency with the creation of precise audience target segments based on demographics, psychographics and verified purchase behavior.

advertising recall surveys

Advertising Recall Surveys

Understand the memorability of your advertising through targeted surveys to verified purchasers that reveal whether they recall seeing your ads and the impact it had on their purchase behavior.

Media & Advertising by the Numbers

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Ad observations per year
In annual ad spend measured

What you can expect

US & Canadian creative monitoring 

Stay on top of the marketplace. Gain a comprehensive view of multimedia competitive messaging, with creatives directly accessible online (with powerful search capabilities) and via email ad alerts across 24 media types.

US & Canadian creative monitoring
International creative monitoring 

Harmonize US creative monitoring and ad spend reporting with international advertisements for a single, global view. Creatives are sourced through our network of international suppliers and consolidated to provide advertisers and agencies with millions of international ads from over 90 countries.

International creative monitoring
Advertising spend reporting 

Spend your ad dollars more intelligently. Ad spend data tailored by competitor, line of business, media, geo-location, or other customization, with all spend data linked directly to creatives.

Advertising spend reporting
Purchased-based audience targeting 

Leverage first-party purchase data from the Numerator OmniPanel, combined with demographic and psychographic information, to create precise audience target segments that can be served unlimited impressions for one flat price.

Purchased-based audience targeting

What sets Numerator apart

Speed of delivery

Speed of delivery
Ad tracking captures new ads within 24 hours and ad spend data is reported 3 days after the close of a media week, so you can stay on top of the marketplace.

Data granularity

Data granularity
View creatives and ad spend by category, subcategory, brand or product to gain deeper insights into the competitive landscape.

Numerator OmniPanel

Numerator OmniPanel
America’s largest, most diverse consumer purchase panel, providing unmatched insight into consumer influencers, behaviors and opinions.

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