Expand your view of the modern promo landscape with the industry’s first tracking of promotions
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Stay ahead of a shifting landscape
with comprehensive promotion tracking.

Numerator Promotions Intel provides the
most complete view of the evolving promotional
landscape so you can maximize trade promotion
effectiveness and compete in today’s dynamic market.

Get the unrivaled promotional insights you need for today's market.

As consumers face rising prices and inflationary pressures, promotions are more important (and competitive) than ever. Promotions Intel, backed by 30+ years of trade promotion tracking and market leadership, gives you access to total market activity across all media types. Get the comprehensive, fast, innovative insights you need to meet consumers where they are and navigate uncertain economic conditions.

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Breadth & Depth

Leverage promotional data that offers the most complete and detailed view of the marketplace.

fast consumer panel data


Maximize speed to insight with intuitive features to democratize data across your organization & same-day data from most major retail accounts.

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Stay ahead of your competition by gaining visibility into emerging growth areas.

Features that give you more.

More channels. More visibility. More competitive edge.

Print & digital coverage

digital promotions

Leverage an omnichannel view of how products are priced and promoted across print and digital formats - including digital TPR tracking.

Emerging growth areas

promotion tracking

Unlock visibility into promotions on fast-growing platforms – like Instacart and Doordash – that are attracting your consumers. Learn more about delivery services promotions coverage here.

Data granularity

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Find the detail you need to make strategic promo decisions with 70+ promotional attributes tracked for each ad block.

Store-level data


Winning occurs one store at a time. Leveraging store-level circular data drives retail sales, mapping directly to UPCs and enriching your internal data to facilitate smarter trade promotion decisions.

Unmatched speed

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Make faster decisions & never miss a critical insight with same-day data available from most major retail accounts.


More data,
driving more growth.

Comprehensive data

The most accurate view of the promotional landscape to enable strategic decisions.

Faster insights & support

Quick surfacing of the data you need to streamline your business decisions.

Industry-leading innovation

Continued expansions into growth areas to keep you ahead of the market & your competition.

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Promotions Intel
by the numbers.


Retailers covering CPG and General Merchandise


Promotional attributes tracked


Ad blocks coded annually

Get total visibility with the newest promotions tracking innovations.

Numerator is the leading innovator in the promotions tracking space and the only to offer visibility into emerging growth areas like digital TPRs and Delivery Services - unlocking a complete & forward-looking view that separates industry leaders from laggards.

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Delivery Services

The industry’s first promotions tracking across Instacart, DoorDash, and GoPuff provides visibility into the promos influencing your shoppers as they make quick purchase decisions.

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Digital Temporary Price Reductions

Revolutionary digital TPR tracking equips you with fast insight into validated digital temporary price reductions.

How effective are your promotions?

Numerator is the only Promotions data provider to link promotional activity and shopper behavior. Maximize the strategic value of promotions data and understand the true impact of your promotions with Numerator Promo Insights.

Brands and retailers that trust
Promotions Intel.


Case study: Bimbo Bakeries USA increased profits despite supply chain constraints.

Bimbo Bakeries USA partnered with Numerator to shift away from their traditional promo offerings and identify a new promo strategy that increased profits and optimized supply amid compounding industry pressures.

Find out how Numerator can help your brand grow.

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