White Paper
| Aug 12, 2020

Recovery Planning Segmentation Study


The key to staying relevant in today’s marketplace is the ability to be as dynamic as the consumer needs you are trying to understand and meet. Numerator’s Recovery Planning Segmentation study aims to empower marketers with the critical insights needed to take the right actions throughout the recession and following recovery.

Through surveying 70,000 Numerator OmniPanel households on their current situations and attitudes, we’ve identified 6 distinct segmentation groups across 3 major themes:

  • Unbothered (Full Steam Ahead or Living My Frugal Life)
  • Coping (Life on Pause or Pushing Forward)
  • Anxious (Scared & Struggling or Glass Half Full)

Download the report to discover more about these groups and how brands can better understand and reach those consumers at each stage along the recessionary journey.

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