White Paper
| May 26, 2020

The Rate of eCommerce Acceleration, Why It Matters and What Next

COVID-19 accomplished what it would have taken brands and retailers years to achieve.

In just 10 weeks, COVID-19 has drastically changed the eCommerce landscape, vastly accelerating usage. This study leverages 4+ years of longitudinal data across Numerator’s OmniPanel to quantify the extent of acceleration in households using online to purchase 14 CPG categories. The analysis powers Numerator’s eCommerce Acceleration Index which measures the acceleration in households using online to purchase each category — and shows acceleration up to 18x versus multi-year prepandemic baselines.

Because of the proprietary nature of the analysis, distribution is limited. Please complete the following information to see if you qualify to download the report and learn:

  • How purchasing behavior changes when households started buying a category online

  • How the historical pattern of online adoption has increased (accelerated) since the COVID-19 outbreak

  • What the future implications of any changes observed since COVID-19 are

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