| Sep 21, 2018

Ecosystem Retailing: How Amazon, Kroger, and Walmart are Transforming Omnichannel

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Amazon has been the pacesetter with its Prime offer, but Kroger and Walmart are now creating their own compelling versions designed to capture shopper’s time and attention. Join Numerator and Retail Leader for a deep dive into ecosystem retailing, and what makes Amazon, Kroger, and Walmart’s visions so compelling. This session will examine the following questions:

  • How have Kroger and Walmart distinguished their ecosystems from Amazon’s model?
  • How are retailers adjusting their advertising strategy to expand their ecosystem?
  • What are the “sticky” elements that keep customers coming back for more?
  • What role does price discounting play in attracting consumers?

Numerator will also provide perspective on how the rise of ecosystem retailing should influence how both brands and retailers approach their relationships with consumers, and what each can do to strengthen those relationships with the data and tools they have in place today.

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Dennis Moore
Chief Executive Officer
Chetan Ghai
Chief Product Officer