| Sep 1, 2020

Winning When the Rules Change


Well into the pandemic, shoppers continue to take fewer trips and spend more per trip to follow social distancing guidelines. In this month’s New Frontier report, we analyzed the omnichannel behavior of over 100k shoppers to understand the factors driving retailer selection during COVID-19 and how retailers can shift their strategies to capture their fair share of trips.

Download the New Frontier report for the full analysis. Key takeaways include: 

  • Health and safety concerns are top of mind as shoppers select where to shop. Retailers who are perceived well on these items are winning HHs and trips.  
  • Price is no longer enough to get a shopper to a store; ads and promotions must reinforce cleanliness, safety, and quality messaging.
  • As they consolidate trips, shoppers are choosing stores based on fresh departments and migrating their whole basket to this retailer.

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