| Jul 1, 2021

An Unexpected Vaccine Side Effect: Retailer Loyalty

As of July 1, 2021, roughly 57% of American adults have been fully vaccinated against COVID-19. Retailers that have been serving as vaccination sites now have the time and data needed to understand how vaccinating shoppers against COVID-19 at their stores will affect those shoppers’ longitudinal behavior.

To help retailers develop the right strategies to engage shoppers vaccinated at their stores and drive growth through future waves of vaccination, we’ve analyzed the behavior of shoppers vaccinated at six distinct retailers, as well as other grocery stores, looking at:

  • Demographic Insights: Who are vaccinated shoppers? How do they behave, and how can retailers engage them?
  • Survey Insights: How do shoppers feel about the retailer where they were vaccinated? Has there been a shift in sentiment?
  • Purchase Trends: Which retailers have seen the biggest impact from offering vaccines to shoppers?
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