| Apr 1, 2021

Stand In Line or Hop Online: General Merchandise Consumers Choose


The COVID-19 pandemic has driven widespread adoption of online shopping across all sectors, including in general merchandise categories.

In this New Frontier report, we review purchasing behavior across general merchandise categories—including Electronics, Home Improvement, Housewares and Toys & Games—since the onset of the pandemic in order to quantify the shift to online. Additionally, we surveyed shoppers to understand if these behavioral changes will stick as we return to pre-COVID normalcy.

Download the New Frontier report for the full analysis. Key takeaways include:

  • 2020 saw 51% Growth Online, and General Merchandise grew 32%, despite being disproportionately sold online to begin with
  • For the first 2 months of 2021, we continue to see a YOY lift in the % of shoppers that purchase GM products online
  • Nearly 80% of surveyed consumers expect their online spend within these sectors to remain the same or increase
  • Most consumers (44%) indicate convenience rather than COVID concerns (21%) as the top reason they shop online vs. in-store

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