| Aug 1, 2020

Our Pet Project


As Americans seek companionship throughout the pandemic, many have become new pet owners. In this month’s New Frontier report, we explored the consumer behavior of new pet owners, as well as how the habits of new and existing pet owners have shifted due to COVID-19.

Download the New Frontier report for the full analysis. Key takeaways include:

  • Engaging shoppers through the early touchpoints to win their 1st purchase is key, as pet owners are brand loyal. 
  • Pet specialty stores are an important channel to engage the new pet owner’s first trip -- these stores capture more than their fair share of entry trips. 
  • Price is the most prominent barrier that prevents shoppers from purchasing at pet specialty stores, according to 33% of surveyed shoppers. 
  • eCommerce’s Share of Wallet has grown across all Pet Food & Treats categories during COVID, particularly for Cat or Fish Food, and shoppers’ online Pet Food & Treats dollars are shifting from Chewy and Amazon to 
  • Pet Owners are not cutting “extra” expenses for their pets during COVID. In fact, they spend more on treats or toys, providing an opportunity for brands and retailers.

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