| Aug 25, 2021

COVID-19 Consumer Sentiment & Behavior: August 2021

This report summarizes insights from Numerator’s monthly Consumer Behavior & Sentiment Study from March through August 2021. The study provides ongoing insights to help brands better understand COVID-19’s impact on consumer behavior and how consumers plan to navigate new normals in COVID and Post-COVID times. While the interactive dashboards on the study’s primary page will continue to be updated with additional months of data, this report serves as a static, shareable option for those looking for offline versions of the study.

Download the report to learn:

  • How COVID-19 concerns have evolved over the past six months, and what consumers are most worried about at this time.
  • What consumers are anticipating in terms of a return to normal, from timing expectations to levels of optimism
  • Which activities consumers are comfortable participating in, and which they’re avoiding
  • How concern over the economy has evolved and what consumers are most worried about
  • PLUS: How sentiments and behaviors vary between vaccinated consumers and those who will not get the COVID-19 vaccine.
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