| Nov 20, 2020

Calling an Audible for the 2020 Football Season


1 in 3 US households are NFL or college football fans. While many of those fans usually spend game days at tailgates and stadiums, the pandemic has limited social options for this season.

In this New Frontier report, we surveyed over 2k verified football fans and analyzed the behavior of over 30k fans to understand their plans for the 2020 football season and how they will be shopping for game day.

Download the New Frontier report for the full analysis. Key takeaways include:

  • 2/3 of fans watched 6+ games at home last season, with even more planning to increase home viewership this year.
  • As more fans stay home to watch games, sales of beer, snacks, meat and other grocery categories are on the rise, with sales up double-digits among football fans.
  • The beer category has been particularly strong this season as fans shift from bars and tailgates to in-home viewing. Seltzers have been a primary growth driver, but fans have also been buying more premium and high end beer.
  • Although many aren’t prepared to visit restaurants, fans are still planning to order delivery and carry-out food for their in-home game day experience.
  • Despite increased spending from fans, ad spend has declined significantly for some game day food and beverage categories, including beer, wine, sodas, and meat.

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