Oct 15, 2018

Previewing Walmart and Target Black Friday Deals

Looking at holiday shopping deals and strategies from past Black Fridays to give you an early insight on the 2018 shopping event.

Black Friday will be here before you know it and retailer preparations are already well underway. The annual shopping period creates opportunities for buyers to save because each retailer is competing for the lowest price point. Forbes is publishing Black Friday guides for all major retailers, including Amazon (here), Best Buy (here) Apple (here) and Samsung (here). But today, Numerator is recapping the early previews of two classic retailers – Target and Walmart.

Which one will have the better deals this year? Perhaps the best way to find out is by looking at each retailer’s history in Black Friday’s past. Last year Walmart released a 32-page ad with exclusive offers, including a free $300 gift card with purchase of the Apple iPhone X, iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 Plus. Meanwhile, Target released a 36-page ad which included the best overall deals on items like the XBOX One S that also included its own gift card offer.


Both retailers also had different philosophies in regard to store hours – each opened at 6pm on Thanksgiving, but Target closed at midnight while Walmart remained open into Black Friday without stopping. So while Walmart provided more shopping opportunities, Target can claim ethical superiority by giving their employees more time with family during the holiday – a move that may bring about more loyalty from shoppers in the long term. However, Target did stay open through the night in 2016, so there is a chance it will revert back to this plan for Black Friday 2018.

Forbes reports that both retailers have a history of running similar deals to one another year-over-year, simply updating them with the latest technology of the season. For a more-specific recap of this year’s deal predictions between each retailer, view their page here. And be sure to check back in with the Numerator Blog for more as we get closer to Black Friday.