Brands to Watch in 2024

A new year means new opportunities for brands and retailers to catch the attention of consumers. But before we look ahead, we want to look back at the top brands of the past year. From buzzy beverage brands to LSR LTOs and private label powerhouses, these are the brands to keep an eye on this upcoming year.

Fastest Growing Brands of 2023

We can summarize this year’s fastest-growing brands in two words: sips & clicks. Six of the top ten fastest-growing brands in 2023 were beverage brands and seven were social media sensations. The top two fastest-growing brands—Feastables and PRIME—were founded by popular internet personalities, Mr. Beast (Feastables) and Logan Paul & KSI (PRIME), proving social media fame can translate from online to on-shelf success. Both of these brands were also featured on our “Top New Brands” list in last year’s Brands to Watch in 2023.

  1. Feastables
  2. PRIME
  3. Poppi
  4. Olipop
  5. Simply Spiked
  6. Ghost
  7. Chomps
  8. Celsius
  9. Mielle Organics
  10. Native

We’d be remiss not to include a couple of honorable mentions for this year’s fastest-growing brands list: The Pink Stuff and Scrub Daddy came in at #11 and #12 and were the only cleaning products to place in the top 100 fastest-growing brands. Both brands have gone viral on TikTok for their cleaning power, especially when used together.

Top New LSR Items of 2023

Limited Service Restaurants continued their post-COVID rebound in 2023, reaching their highest annual sales to date. In an industry dominated by innovations and evolving tastes, there’s never a shortage of new menu items or limited-time offers for consumers to explore. This past year, Burger King & Wendy’s said, “That’s a wrap,” Grimace celebrated a birthday, and Popeyes ghosted their guests. These new menu items and LTOs boasted the most buyers in 2023.

  1. Burger King Wraps
  2. Grimace Birthday (McDonald’s)
  3. Chick-fil-A Honey Pepper Pimento Chicken Sandwich
  4. Popeyes Ghost Pepper Wings
  5. Chipotle Carne Asada Bowl
  6. Wendy’s Grilled Chicken Wrap
  7. Domino’s Loaded Tots
  8. McDonald’s Cookies & Creme Pie
  9. Popeyes Strawberry Biscuits
  10. Taco Bell Chicken Enchilada Burrito

Top Brands for GLP-1 Users in 2023

If we were ranking the top pharmaceutical brands of 2023, GLP-1 medications like Ozempic and Wegovy would likely top the list. But what about the top consumer brands for users of these GLP-1 medications? When looking at the fastest-growing brands among GLP-1 users—and limiting the list to brands that showed disproportionate growth among GLP-1 users versus the general population—we get a mixed bag. Healthier options like T.J. Farms frozen produce and Great Grains cereals are joined by small indulgences like Casper’s FatBoy ice cream treats and Elmer Chocolate. Laxative brands Dulcolax and Miralax also made the list, a reminder of the potential side effects accompanying GLP-1 drug use.

  1. T.J. Farms
  2. AquaStar
  3. Dulcolax
  4. Elmer Chocolate
  5. Hiland
  6. Casper’s FatBoy
  7. Nabisco Chicken in a Biskit
  8. JJ’s Bakery Pies
  9. Miralax
  10. Great Grains (Post)

Top Gen Z Brands of 2023

Gen Z knows what they like, and they seem to like better-for-you brands and personal care products. Five of the top ten brands this year—Olipop, TheraBreath, Native, La Roche Posay and Panoxyl—also appeared on last year’s list, indicating staying power among Gen Z buyers. Additions to this year’s list include a handful of healthy and organic brands, as well as budget beauty brand, ELF.

  1. Olipop
  2. Poppi
  3. Reeves Farms
  4. TheraBreath
  5. Mielle Organics
  6. Native
  7. Tru Fru
  8. La Roche Posay
  9. ELF
  10. Panoxyl

Top Private Label Brands of 2023

As rising prices squeezed consumer pocketbooks in 2023, private label brands continued to grow in popularity. Among 200 of the largest private label brands tracked by Numerator, 66% experienced sales growth in 2023, 50% grew household penetration, and 47% increased their sales volume—39% saw all three metrics increase. The below list includes the fastest-growing private label brands that increased across all three measures this past year.

  1. Smart Way (Kroger)
  2. Sure Fresh (Dollar Tree)
  3. Amazon Basics (Amazon)
  4. Sweet Smiles (Dollar General)
  5. Publix Deli (Publix)
  6. Homeline (Dollar Tree)
  7. Favorite Day (Target)
  8. Tuscan Garden (Aldi)
  9. True Living (Dollar General)
  10. Specially Selected (Aldi)

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