Brands to Watch in 2023

Another year has come and gone, and in preparation for 2023, we’re looking back at the top brands of 2022. From consumer packaged goods (CPG) powerhouses to breakthrough beverage brands, read on to learn more about the brands that won with shoppers in 2022.

Top “Big Brands” of 2022

These billion-dollar CPG brands are household names, each purchased by at least three-fourths of US households this year. In addition to high household penetration, each of these big brands experienced an increase in dollar sales in 2022 versus 2021.

  1. Kraft
  2. Hormel
  3. Coca-Cola
  4. Lays
  5. Hershey’s
  6. Reese’s
  7. Nestle
  8. Frito-Lay
  9. Quaker
  10. Pillsbury

Top Mid-Market CPG brands of 2022

The CPG brands on this list brought in between $100 million and $1 billion in sales this year, and all experienced over 50% sales growth compared to 2021. Four beverage brands made the list, with energy drink brands Alani Nu and Celsius holding the top two spots.

  1. Alani Nu
  2. Celsius (Beverage)
  3. Native (Toiletries)
  4. High Noon Sun Sips
  5. Olaplex
  6. Purina
  7. Bucees
  8. Impossible Foods
  9. Liquid I.V.
  10. Vital Farms

Top New Brands of 2022

These ten emerging brands made a name for themselves in the past year. After launching in 2022, each stands out with their outstanding sales performance. Beverages are a common trend among this year’s list, with Prime Hydration topping the list. Alcoholic beverage brands Simply Spiked, Hard Mountain Dew, Truly Flavored Vodka, and Neon Burst continued the trend by finding their place in the top 10 list as well. The following list includes new brands of 2022 with the highest household penetration.

  1. Prime Hydration
  2. Natean
  3. Simply Spiked
  4. Hard Mountain Dew
  5. Surfer Boy Pizza
  6. Neon Burst
  7. Truly Flavored Vodka
  8. RYSE Fuel
  9. Feastables
  10. Ac+ion

Top eComm Brands of 2022

The brands on this list sell either exclusively online or have disproportionate online sales compared to the average brand. Each has been purchased by at least 2% of US households and experienced 15% growth or greater in 2022. This year, two produce brands, Reeves Farm and Fyffes Company, made the list. These brands are readily available on Instacart, and their growth has propelled Reeves Farm and Fyffes Company into the top 10 list.

  1. Utopia Bedding
  2. Mr. Pen
  3. Ailun
  4. Puritan’s Pride
  5. Joyin Toy
  6. Reeves Farm
  7. Blink (Smart Home)
  8. NOW Foods
  9. Fyffes Company
  10. Melissa & Doug

Top Gen Z Brands of 2022

From all-natural personal care to better-for-you soda, Gen Z made self-care a priority in 2022. Acne-prone skincare brand, Hero Cosmetics, tops the list followed by The Honey Pot Company and Panoxyl. Each of the CPG brands on this list were purchased by at least 5% of Gen Z buyers, were at least twice as popular with Gen Z vs. other generations, and experienced at least 30% growth in 2022 vs. 2021.

  1. Hero Cosmetics
  2. The Honey Pot Company
  3. Panoxyl
  4. Maseca
  5. TheraBreath
  6. Tree Hut
  7. BuzzBallz
  8. Olipop
  9. La Roche Posay
  10. Native (Toiletries)

Fastest Growing Private Label Brands of 2022

Three of the ten fastest-growing private label brands of 2022 are Target brands. Target home organization brand, Brightroom, tops the list, while Mondo Llama and Favorite Day rank among the top ten. The following brands showed the greatest sales increase from 2021 while holding at least 5% household penetration.

  1. Brightroom (Target)
  2. Giant (Giant Food)
  3. Crav’n Flavor (Food City)
  4. Mondo Llama (Target)
  5. Favorite Day (Target)
  6. Nature’s Touch (Kwik Trip)
  7. Clancy’s (Aldi)
  8. Bowl & Basket (ShopRite)
  9. Wellsley Farms (BJ’s Wholesale)
  10. Signature Farms (Albertsons)

These high performers prove to be brands to watch for in 2023. Fast-growing private label stand-outs and innovative new brands, among many others, will be paving the way looking forward into the new year. Interested in learning how your brand performed last year? Want to know more about certain competitive brands? Reach out to our team today to learn more.

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