Know more about the path to purchase.

Top companies leverage Numerator Path intelligence to identify the moments that matter to buyers and illuminate their paths to purchase.

Your path to more understanding.

Numerator offers the most complete view of the omnichannel marketplace, with the fastest intelligence available on the path to purchase.


Ad Intel

Make impactful advertising decisions by leveraging a single source to monitor the changing landscape across traditional and emerging media channels.


Promotions Intel

Quickly and effectively adjust your promotional strategy to better meet shopper needs in a market that is changing by the hour.


Pricing Intel

The price monitoring solution you need to develop a more competitive and more timely pricing strategy.


Map Intel

Save time monitoring your online listings with comprehensive coverage, more intraday visibility and more evidentiary support of your MAP policy violations.


Know more and grow more with Numerator.

Surfacing new opportunities

We provide the market intelligence you need to imagine what’s next

Illuminating next steps

We highlight the paths to strategic growth for your business

Making it easy to act

Our data and teams identify clear ways to elevate your top line

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More channels, more data,
more growth.


Understand the ad landscape

Track 23 media channels and automate your ad monitoring with customer alerts and insight into creative data within 24 hours of the ads going live.


Optimize your promo strategy

Leverage an unbiased omnichannel view of in-market promotional activities with 50 metrics on each ad block and store-level insights.


Quickly see price changes

See hourly price and stock supply updates and get unlimited SKU and retailer price monitoring based on your competitive market.


Protect your brand's reputation

Save time monitoring your online listings with more intraday visibility and evidentiary support for MAP policy violations.

Understand more about your buyer's path to purchase.

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