Numerator Ad Intel (formerly Competitrack)

Numerator provides online access to over 15 million ads from the U.S. going back to 1999, and additional ads from more than 60 countries. 

Centralized teams of industry experts code and classify ads across 24 monitored media types, making it possible to track ad campaigns across our entire ad archive. Granular classifications and custom message coding tailored to each industry enable clients to find what they’re looking for quickly and easily. 

New ads are uploaded around the clock. Ads breaking across a wide range of key media are identified

within four to 24 hours of introduction and custom new ad alerts provide links to view and download new ads as they break.  

Detailed occurrence reports are available for TV, print, radio, mobile and digital ads, providing insight into the media channels used, and flighting and weight of new and ongoing campaigns.  New creatives are uploaded throughout each day to provide a fast read of the support behind breaking campaigns. 

We monitor more offline, online and emerging media than any other service available in the U.S.

Numerator Promotions Intel (formerly FeatureVision) 

Numerator captures weekly retail promotions—both creatives and data—from over 200 markets in the U.S. and around the globe, with international coverage including Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. Over 1,600 retailers and over 2,000 categories are available for competitive promotional insight, spanning both consumer packaged goods and durables industries. 

More than 50 metadata elements are extracted from every promotion, including package size, offer type, promoted price and detailed product descriptions. Promotional versions are identified by market, down to

the store-level. Promotions for major retail accounts are available the same day the ad breaks, including all versions of the ad. 

The world’s largest retailers and manufacturers rely on Numerator’s promotions solution to optimize promotional planning, pricing, category and product mix, competitive ad share, ad quality, pricing and promotional timing and cadence.  

Numerator Pricing Intel

Numerator provides ecommerce pricing as foundational institutional knowledge, monitoring 5,500+ sites across more than 60 countries (with more sites being added daily). We offer unparalleled product matches and natural language processing enhances to enhance the usability of competitive reporting. 

Our value-added capture includes understanding whether sellers are first or third party, the ability to collect pricing from the buy page or in-cart and to understand pricing by coupons, bundles and promotional keywords. We collect 35+ data points for every item monitored, to ensure the level of granularity required to make the most important pricing decisions. 

We provide flexible ecommerce monitoring solutions, with the ability to customize monitoring by product, brand, seller or source site with collection frequency ranging from weekly to intraday.  

Ecommerce pricing data combined with our comprehensive data on promotional pricing as well as actual purchase prices from the Numerator OmniPanel provide the most well-rounded pricing data set available. 

Numerator’s pricing solutions offer both retailers and manufacturers unmatched visibility into the online and offline marketplace to get a complete view of the path to purchase.