Numerator OmniPanel

The world is changing by the minute and so is consumer behavior. Leverage America’s largest and most representative consumer purchase panel to inform your strategy.

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Daily Data Updates

Monitor changing consumer behaviors and sentiments on demand.

Omnichannel and Omniproduct

Capture purchases of all product categories across all channels.

Segmentation Flexibility

Configure custom shopper groups.

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Omnichannel Visibility

Omnichannel Visibility

All retail channels from Bodegas to Big Box to Ecommerce

Holistic Understanding

Holistic Understanding

Deep insights via purchase-triggered surveys that combine consumer behaviors and attitudes

Fast Consumer Insights

Fast Consumer Insights

On-demand access to consumer insights and purchase data updated daily

Your Modern Consumer Panel

The modern consumer is evolving every day and if you don’t evolve with them -- you’ll lose them. Numerator’s OmniPanel can help.

We know people, not panelists.

Our gamified and user-friendly consumer apps lead to a larger, more representative and highly engaged panel that provides deeper consumer insights.

Legacy Panel
Numerator's Modern Panel
Passive panelists
Engaged consumers
Spotty data
Robust coverage
Traditional grocery coverage
Omnichannel and cross-category
Long data lag
Daily data updates
Extra costs for customization
On-demand customization
What, but not why
Opinions and purchase behavior together
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Deeper Shopper & Consumer Insights

A panel is only as good as the data it collects — and as the largest, most diverse consumer purchase panel, we provide unmatched insight into consumer influencers, behaviors and opinions.

Panelists 450K+
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Shopping Trips 1 billion
shopping trips captured
Retailers 44K+
retailers tracked

Numerator OmniPanel

Find out what sets our consumer panel apart


Your competitors move fast. Your consumer moves faster. How long can your brand wait for consumer insights?

Daily Not Quarterly

Understand campaign launches today, not six weeks from now.

On Demand Access

Fresh insights when you need them.


You can't measure what you don't see. We have you covered as America's largest, most representative consumer purchase panel.

13X More Trips

Sample sizes to see even small brands at small retailers.

More Channels

Omnichannel coverage for a complete view of today's shopper.


Tired of reconciling data sources? Get the full view with one source.

360° Purchase Behavior

Insights along every step of the shopper's path to purchase.

Online & Offline

Analyze brick & mortar and ecommerce purchase behavior in one place.


We know people, not just panelists. Go beyond demographics with our rich consumer understanding.

Psychographics & Demographics

Know shoppers at a deeper level with attributes on attitudes, interests, and opinions.

Behaviors & Opinions

Understand the why behind the buy with verified purchase-triggered surveys.


So loved by consumers that our static panel organically aligns to the U.S. Census.


Legacy panels may help you report on yesterday, but you need a modern panel to solve today's and tomorrow's challenges.

Future-proof your business with Numerator's Modern Consumer Panel

  • Is your household penetration understated?
  • Are you miscategorizing consumers?
  • What opportunities (and threats) are you missing?
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Discover what you don't know with more trips, more channels, and more insights.