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No More Missed Households, Trips, or Spend


Historically, brands and retailers have leveraged Point of Sale data and legacy purchase panels, typically stretched to align to POS data, to understand CPG market dynamics. Legacy data sets have traditionally missed non-traditional channels, from online to specialty, convenience, liquor, and beauty. The disparity has accelerated as the COVID-19 pandemic drastically shifted consumer behavior.

An analysis of Numerator’s omnichannel consumer data reveals that reliance on POS data and legacy panels has caused brands and retailers to miss the nearly 50% of consumer shopping trips that take place in channels missed by legacy solutions. By relying on legacy data, brands and retailers are forced to make important decisions, from advertising and targeting to merchandising and new product launches, based on an incomplete view of consumer spending and behavior.

The Numerator OmniConsumer Hub compares household penetration, consumer trips, and spend across both untracked channels and tracked channels for 200 FMCG categories, enabling brands and retailers to make investment decisions via a complete view of consumer spending and behavior.


You can’t target the consumers you can’t see

Compared to the Numerator OmniPanel, legacy panels significantly under-represent households across 200 of the largest FMCG categories.

  • 159/200 of FMCG categories were missing at least 10 points of annual Household Penetration when viewed through a legacy lens
  • 100/200 were missing 15 points or more
  • A disturbing 40/200 were missing 20 or more points
missed HH

The Implications for Brands and Retailers

Missing or understating the number of households buying is only part of the problem. If you are missing buyers, you are not just miscounting the number of households. At this point, you need to start questioning the data source and asking “do I really know who my buyers are and/or how to reach them”? And, this leads to other key questions such as:

  • Who am I reaching already vs who am I missing (and why)
  • Are these missed buyers lighter buyers, repeat buyers, new buyers
  • To what extent are these missed buyers shopping in a certain channel or characterized by a certain demographic I may be under serving
  • How are my buyers really behaving and how do I get them to do more of something (like buy my brand more often)



Leveraging Numerator’s modern consumer panel data across 200 FMCG categories

  • 57 categories (29%) are missing over half of all trips from missing channels/retailers alone.
  • Another 113 categories (57%) are missing between 33%-50% of CPG shopping trips.
  • 170 of 200 categories (85%) analyzed are missing over a third of trips based on channel coverage gaps.
  • The top categories missing trips have been accelerating online or are likely to be purchased for immediate consumption.
missed trips

Tracked and Untracked Channels, Explained

Channels tracked by POS data typically include brick & mortar stores in the food, drug and mass retail channels. Untracked channels include convenience, health, beauty, pet, liquor and specialty stores, as well as all online shopping.

Because Point of Sale data has contracted to just half of CPG shopping trips, brands and retailers cannot rely on POS data or legacy panels (aligned to POS data) to deeply understand their consumers.

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