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Quick Serve Restaurants

Drive QSR trips and check size through consumer understanding with Numerator’s modern consumer panel.

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Fast insights

Determine, within weeks of launch, how a new item is performing amongst loyal and not-so-loyal guests

Comprehensive view

Understand all out of home occasions, from dining out and third party delivery to traditional grocery trips

Deeper understanding

Craft messaging to drive trips through psychographic and attitudinal insights

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Leading QSRs depend on Numerator data to understand their guests

To drive growth, you need a strategy based on understanding and reaching people.

Restaurants use advertising, menu innovation, 3rd party delivery partnerships, and many other strategies with two goals in mind - driving more trips and increasing check size. Numerator can help. We know who your guests are, what they buy at competitive restaurants and stores, and what new item and limited time offers will engage them.

New item measurement

New item measurement
Measure whether limited time offerings are driving sustainable growth. Understand their impact on your guests and competitors’ guests.

Lapsed guest study

Lapsed guest study
Identify which competitors are stealing guests, who those guests are, and what you can do to win them back.

Guest insights on-demand

Guest insights on-demand
Get anytime access to Numerator’s modern consumer panel data to analyze your guests and competitors’ guests behavior across channels.

QSR By the Numbers

Surveyable guests
QSR and restaurant trips captured
QSRs and restaurants tracked

QSR Insights Reports

Guest surveys 

Target specific guest segments based on real, observed behaviors. Need to find specific brand buyers or restaurant guests? No problem! Trigger a survey moments after they make a purchase and get your summarized results within 1-2 weeks.

Guest surveys

Analyze your guests’ attitudes outside of purchase behavior using the only on-demand tool combining psychographics with demographics and purchase data. Learn how your guests feel about organic food, eating out, cooking, and more to craft strategies to engage them.

Media Consumption 

Understand how your guests consume media, from which streaming services they watch to what social media platforms they use, to inform your media planning and advertising strategies.

Media Consumption
Lapsed, Repeat, New Guests 

Identify which competitors are stealing guests and how you can win them back. Determine the impact of repeat guests on your brand. Discover where new guests are coming from and what drove their trips. 

Lapsed, Repeat, New Guests
QSR Share of Wallet 

Analyze Share of Wallet and other key metrics for product categories at your store and compare those metrics to competitive stores.

QSR Share of Wallet

Guest Surveys

Target known purchasers..

Identify participants with verified purchase data instead of relying on unreliable screeners.

jrny survey

… with shorter surveys ...

Tracked purchase behavior allows you to cut right to the questions that matter and improves response rates.

Industry long select

… asked at the right moment

Surveys triggered by verified behaviors minimize recall bias and result in representative and timely insight

Lapsed Survey

The Popeyes Chicken Sandwich's Rapid Impact on QSRs

According to Numerator Insights, about 30% of Popeyes new chicken sandwich buyers were purchasing crispy chicken sandwiches at other QSRs the week prior to their Popeyes chicken sandwich purchase. Share of wallet data post-launch showed a shift in chicken sandwich spend across several of the industry’s leading players; Popeyes and Chick-Fil-A both experienced a boost, while McDonald’s and some smaller players experienced a decrease.


Find out how Numerator can help you drive trips and check size.

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