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The newly refreshed Numerator Home Improvement Tracker provides quarterly insight into omnichannel consumer buying behavior and promotional activity in select home improvement categories. Powered by Numerator’s panel of over 225,000 shoppers, the tracker provides a high-level view into emerging trends and category metrics for the home improvement industry.

Latest Update: 10/17/2023

Home Improvement Market Share

Leveraging Numerator TruView, Numerator’s market share measurement solution, our newly-added quarterly Home Improvement Market Share data offers insight into market share shifts across retailers overall and by key demographics including region, income and generation.

  • Home Depot captured the highest market share across retailers in June 2023 at 32.7%, a 1ppt increase from the previous month.
  • In June, Lowe’s captured the largest market share in the Southern region (39.9%), while Home Depot won in the West (47.8%).
  • Ace Hardware saw a significant spike in share among Millennials in February (28.7%), before dropping to 16.4% in March as Amazon took over the highest share among this cohort (24.8%)
  • In May, Walmart (10.5%) surpassed Amazon (9%) in capturing high-income shoppers— however, Amazon (12.3%) rose in comparison to Walmart (9.6%) in June.

Home Improvement Category Insights

Most focus categories are seeing declines across all key metrics so far in 2023 vs 2022, an unsurprising trend given the unprecedented boom the home improvement industry saw over the past two years. Buy rate is a metric where gains were seen, with hand tools, paint & supplies, and cleaning supplies growing slightly within this area, while household penetration had growth within cleaning supplies.

Ecommerce Insights

Through Q3 2023, In-Store shopping still reigns supreme when it comes to household shopping, with more than double the household penetration of Online (90% vs 38%). However Online trips are larger, with nearly double the spend per trip versus In-Store. 

Trip Insights: Home Ownership

Our Home Improvement Tracker trip insights offer a unique view into home ownership status of shoppers making purchases in three select categories: Hand Tools, Outdoor Power Equipment, and Power Tools. Looking at the past 12 months, the majority of consumers making purchases in these categories are homeowners, particularly so for Outdoor Power Equipment.

Promotional Insights

The majority of Home Improvement categories of focus are seeing promotional support at or slightly above 2022 levels, with Cleaning Tools and Power Tools significantly over-indexing vs the year prior. Paint & Supplies is the only category to see a dip in promotions support so far this year.

Survey Insights

Our quarterly Home Improvement Survey dives deeper into the ‘why’ behind category purchases made in the past three months, and provides a look forward at intentions for future home projects. Key highlights this quarter include:

  • Consumers were most likely to be buying home improvement items for a small DIY project, though this varies when segmenting by category purchased— buyers of Major Appliances and Kitchen & Bath Fixtures, for example, were significantly more likely to be replacing a damaged item.
  • Inflation’s impact on buying behavior declined in Q3 2023 versus Q2 2023— 36% of shoppers indicated it did not influence their purchase decision in Q3, versus 34% in Q2.
  • Shoppers are most likely to take on lawn/garden (47%) or small painting (38%) DIY projects in the next 3 months, and their planned purchases match these intentions.

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